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Member platform made for Keap Max Classic / Infusionsoft

Memsion is an open source member platform based on Keap max classic user tag where the user can access to a custom membership platform and watch their video resources

Nodejs & Vue3-powered


  • Webhook from infusionsoft to create an user
  • Admin backend to create courses and lessons
  • Autologin from infusionsoft email
  • Import user from csv

Local development with Docker Compose

This project is using docker-compose to run the local development. Before running docker compose up command, you need to create .env files in the root directory with the following variables:

Env Variables for backend .env.backend

Variable Description Example value
PORT nodejs local port 2000
URL_PIATTAFORMA the url of the platform http://localhost:8080
BASE_URL the base url of nodejs backend http://localhost:2000
FRONT_URL frontend url http://localhost:8080/
CLIENTID infusionsoft client id string
CLIENTSECRET infusionsoft client secret string
CALLBACKURL baseurl+/auth/infusionsoft/callback http://localhost:2000/auth/infusionsoft/callback
DB_CONNECT mongodb database mongodb://dev:password@mongodb:27017/memsion?retryWrites=true&authSource=admin
TOKEN_SECRET jwt token secret string
EMAIL_HOST host for email smtp
EMAIL_USERNAME smtp email host
EMAIL_PORT port smtp host 587
EMAIL_PASSWORD password smtp host string
FROM_EMAIL from smtp host
PATH_LOGO full path logo logo.png

Env Variables for frontend .env.frontend

Variable Description Example value
VUE_APP_URL nodejs backend url and port + '/api' http://localhost:2000/api
VUE_APP_APIKEY free api key string
VUE_APP_LOGOBRAND full path logo logo.png

Env Variables for mongodb .env.mongodb

Variable Description Example value
MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_USERNAME mongodb initdb root username demo
MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD mongodb initdb root password demo123
MONGO_INITDB_DATABASE mongodb database demo

Platform main admin mongo-init.js

To automatically create the platform main admin user, you need to create a file mongo-init.js in the root directory starting from mongo-init.js.example



  • Admin access
  • Keap auth inside config