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Remove reflection warnings #19

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Bultitude is a low level library so should not make assumptions about the
cost of reflection, and therefore should avoid reflection.


What puts it in the "low level library" category?


It gets used in other libraries. Finding namespaces on the classpath isn't something that is usually exposed directly at the application level.

I suppose I was looking for a rationale to get rid of the warnings that appear when running lein check on various libraries.

@Raynes Raynes merged commit 74d6483 into Raynes:master

Merged. I'll release in a bit.

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Commits on Mar 10, 2013
  1. @hugoduncan

    Remove reflection warnings

    hugoduncan authored
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Showing with 15 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +15 −12 src/bultitude/core.clj
27 src/bultitude/core.clj
@@ -2,17 +2,20 @@
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[dynapath.util :as dp])
- (:import (java.util.jar JarFile)
+ (:import (java.util.jar JarFile JarEntry)
( ZipException)
( File BufferedReader PushbackReader InputStreamReader)
(clojure.lang DynamicClassLoader)))
-(defn- clj? [f]
- ;; Needs to work on JarEntries and Files, the former of which has no .isFile
+(defn- clj? [^File f]
(and (not (.isDirectory f))
(.endsWith (.getName f) ".clj")))
-(defn- jar? [f]
+(defn- clj-jar-entry? [^JarEntry f]
+ (and (not (.isDirectory f))
+ (.endsWith (.getName f) ".clj")))
+(defn- jar? [^File f]
(and (.isFile f) (.endsWith (.getName f) ".jar")))
(defn- read-ns-form
@@ -36,13 +39,13 @@
(defn namespaces-in-dir
"Return a seq of all namespaces found in Clojure source files in dir."
- (for [f (file-seq (io/file dir))
+ (for [^File f (file-seq (io/file dir))
:when (and (clj? f) (.canRead f))
:let [ns-form (ns-form-for-file f)]
:when ns-form]
-(defn- ns-in-jar-entry [jarfile entry]
+(defn- ns-in-jar-entry [^JarFile jarfile ^JarEntry entry]
(with-open [rdr (-> jarfile
(.getInputStream (.getEntry jarfile (.getName entry)))
@@ -50,18 +53,18 @@
(read-ns-form rdr)))
-(defn- namespaces-in-jar [jar]
- (try
+(defn- namespaces-in-jar [^File jar]
+ (try
(let [jarfile (JarFile. jar)]
(for [entry (enumeration-seq (.entries jarfile))
- :when (clj? entry)
+ :when (clj-jar-entry? entry)
:let [ns-form (ns-in-jar-entry jarfile entry)]
:when ns-form]
- (catch ZipException e
+ (catch ZipException e
(throw (Exception. (str "jar file corrupt: " jar) e)))))
-(defn- split-classpath [classpath]
+(defn- split-classpath [^String classpath]
(.split classpath (System/getProperty "path.separator")))
(defn loader-classpath
@@ -87,7 +90,7 @@
"Map a classpath file to the namespaces it contains. `prefix` allows for
reducing the namespace search space. For large directories on the classpath,
passing a `prefix` can provide significant efficiency gains."
- [prefix f]
+ [^String prefix ^File f]
(.isDirectory f) (namespaces-in-dir
(if prefix
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