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Fix part, write 'end' for prefixing the last param of an IRC message …

…:, write docs.
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Raynes committed Nov 23, 2011
1 parent a33f360 commit fa85d9855b93e2e0ea5801770897b99ef8c3f886
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  1. +20 −2 src/irclj/core.clj
@@ -37,6 +37,19 @@
(binding [*out* (get-in @irc [:connection :out])]
(println s))))
+;; You usually want to prefix your last parameter with a : so that IRC knows
+;; to allow it to contain spaces and parse it all as one param. This is for
+;; that. `write-irc-line` *could* do this itself, but I think this is sufficient.
+;; If `write-irc-line` did it internally, it would mean doing some very expensive
+;; operations. While in our simple case it would hardly matter, this is really
+;; just as easy and more flexible. Tacking `(end ..)` on your last param if
+;; necessary isn't much of a chore.
+(defn end
+ "If param is nil, return nil. Otherwise, return param with : prefixed."
+ [param]
+ (when (seq param)
+ (str \: param)))
;; We're going handle IRC messages polymorphically. Whatever IRC commands we
;; support are implemented as process-line implementations. process-line takes
;; the result of irclj.parser/parse.
@@ -139,7 +152,12 @@
"Part from channels. A channel is either a string or a vector of string and key.
If message is nil, no part message is used."
[irc message & channels]
- (write-irc-line irc "PART" (string/join ",") (when message (str ":" message))))
+ (write-irc-line irc "PART" (string/join "," channels) (end message)))
+(defn send-message
+ "Sends a PRIVMSG to a user or channel."
+ [irc target & s]
+ (write-irc-line irc "PRIVMSG" target (end (string/join " " s))))
;; ## Connections
@@ -159,7 +177,7 @@
(let [{:keys [nick username real-name init-mode]} @irc]
(write-irc-line irc "NICK" nick)
- (write-irc-line irc "USER" (or username nick) init-mode "*" (str ":" real-name))))
+ (write-irc-line irc "USER" (or username nick) init-mode "*" (end real-name))))
;; If something happens with the connection that we don't otherwise notice,
;; we want it to be able to timeout appropriately so that we can move along.

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