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RxJS 5

Reactive Extensions Library for JavaScript. This is a rewrite of Reactive-Extensions/RxJS and is intended to supersede it once this is ready. This rewrite is meant to have better performance, better modularity, better debuggable call stacks, while staying mostly backwards compatible, with some breaking changes that reduce the API surface.

Apache 2.0 License

Versions In This Repository

  • master - commits that will be included in the next minor or patch release
  • next - commits that will be included in the next major release (breaking changes)

Most PRs should be made to master, unless you know it is a breaking change.


By contributing or commenting on issues in this repository, whether you've read them or not, you're agreeing to the Contributor Code of Conduct. Much like traffic laws, ignorance doesn't grant you immunity.

Installation and Usage

ES6 via npm

npm install rxjs

To import the entire core set of functionality:

import Rx from 'rxjs/Rx';


To import only what you need by patching (this is useful for size-sensitive bundling):

import { Observable } from 'rxjs/Observable';
import 'rxjs/add/observable/of';
import 'rxjs/add/operator/map';

Observable.of(1,2,3).map(x => x + '!!!'); // etc

To import what you need and use it with proposed bind operator:

Note: This additional syntax requires transpiler support and this syntax may be completely withdrawn from TC39 without notice! Use at your own risk.

import { Observable } from 'rxjs/Observable';
import { of } from 'rxjs/observable/of';
import { map } from 'rxjs/operator/map';

Observable::of(1,2,3)::map(x => x + '!!!'); // etc

CommonJS via npm

npm install rxjs

Import all core functionality:

var Rx = require('rxjs/Rx');

Rx.Observable.of(1,2,3); // etc

Import only what you need and patch Observable (this is useful in size-sensitive bundling scenarios):

var Observable = require('rxjs/Observable').Observable;
// patch Observable with appropriate methods

Observable.of(1,2,3).map(function (x) { return x + '!!!'; }); // etc

Import operators and use them manually you can do the following (this is also useful for bundling):

var of = require('rxjs/observable/of').of;
var map = require('rxjs/operator/map').map;

map.call(of(1,2,3), function (x) { return x + '!!!'; });

You can also use the above method to build your own Observable and export it from your own module.

All Module Types (CJS/ES6/AMD/TypeScript) via npm

To install this library via npm version 3, use the following command:

npm install @reactivex/rxjs

If you are using npm version 2 before this library has achieved a stable version, you need to specify the library version explicitly:

npm install @reactivex/rxjs@5.0.0


For CDN, you can use unpkg:


Node.js Usage:

var Rx = require('@reactivex/rxjs');

Rx.Observable.of('hello world')
  .subscribe(function(x) { console.log(x); });


  • Provide better performance than preceding versions of RxJS
  • To model/follow the Observable Spec Proposal to the observable.
  • Provide more modular file structure in a variety of formats
  • Provide more debuggable call stacks than preceding versions of RxJS


The build and test structure is fairly primitive at the moment. There are various npm scripts that can be run:

  • build_es6: Transpiles the TypeScript files from src/ to dist/es6
  • build_cjs: Transpiles the ES6 files from dist/es6 to dist/cjs
  • build_amd: Transpiles the ES6 files from dist/es6 to dist/amd
  • build_global: Transpiles/Bundles the CommonJS files from dist/cjs to dist/global/Rx.js
  • build_all: Performs all of the above in the proper order.
  • build_test: builds ES6, then CommonJS, then runs the tests with jasmine
  • build_perf: builds ES6, CommonJS, then global, then runs the performance tests with protractor
  • build_docs: generates API documentation from dist/es6 to dist/docs
  • build_cover: runs istanbul code coverage against test cases
  • test: runs tests with jasmine, must have built prior to running.
  • tests2png: generates PNG marble diagrams from test cases.

npm run info will list available script.


# build all the things!
npm run build_all

Performance Tests

Run npm run build_perf or npm run perf to run the performance tests with protractor. Run npm run perf_micro to run micro performance test benchmarking operator.

Adding documentation

RxNext uses ESDoc to generate API documentation. Refer to ESDoc's documentation for syntax. Run npm run build_docs to generate.

Generating PNG marble diagrams

The script npm run tests2png requires some native packages installed locally: imagemagick, graphicsmagick, and ghostscript.

For Mac OS X with Homebrew:

  • brew install imagemagick
  • brew install graphicsmagick
  • brew install ghostscript
  • You may need to install the Ghostscript fonts manually:
    • Download the tarball from the gs-fonts project
    • mkdir -p /usr/local/share/ghostscript && tar zxvf /path/to/ghostscript-fonts.tar.gz -C /usr/local/share/ghostscript

For Debian Linux:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
  • apt-get install imagemagick
  • apt-get install graphicsmagick
  • apt-get install ghostscript

For Windows and other Operating Systems, check the download instructions here: