Use uniform spacing and (LF-only) line endings #283

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dandv commented Oct 5, 2016

RFG uses a mix of spaces, tabs, LF, and CR+LF line separators:

  • browser.config.xml is CRL+LF-separated. Arguably this is because it targets Windows, but the file likely won't be edited on Windows, and there are other text files in the package that Notepad will display in one lines. The XML uses spaces for indentation - great.
  • manifest.json uses LF-only line separators, but tabs instead of spaces for indentation
  • safari-pinned-tab uses LF line endings and wraps at 74 chars/line.
@phbernard phbernard added this to the Package v0.14 milestone Oct 6, 2016

Thanks. I never realized this.


  • manifest.json looks okay. This is what json_encode and JSON_PRETTY_PRINT generate so I rather stick to it.
  • browserconfig.xml: let's switch to LF-only and tabs, to match manifest.json. Plus it's (a little bit) more compact.
  • Safari pinned tabs SVG icon: SVGO will decide, see #261.

Fixed in branch package_v0_14


Deployed a minute ago.

@phbernard phbernard closed this Jan 18, 2017

@phbernard: nitpicking but manifest.json does not have the end of file line break like the browserconfig.xml has. :)


Hex editor speaking :) Both manifest.json and browserconfig.xml have UNIX-style (ie. 0x0A) end of line.

Do you observe something else?

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