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Code written to use for debugging issue reports
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Code used to test or verify issues submitted to the Red5 project. Feel free to fork and add your issue code. To "activate" your application class, go to the WEB-INF/red5-web.xml and modify the "web.handler" bean.

    <bean id="web.handler" class="org.red5.issues.issue39.Application"/>

Following the format above will keep things from getting confusing.

[package].[issue short name].Application

======= How to proceed

  1. Create an issue report on red5-server

  2. Include your reproduction steps

  3. Pull this repo

  4. Create an application class to demonstrate the issue (use the existing code as an example)

  5. Create a pull request with your code

  6. Update your issue report

We'll look into the issue as soon as possible and your example app will go a long way towards getting a fix in-place.

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