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Prometheus-RedisTimeSeries Adapter

Redis TimeSeries Adapter receives Prometheus metrics via the remote write, and writes to Redis with TimeSeries module.


You can tryout the Prometheus-RedisTimeSeries and RedisTimeSeries with Prometheus and Grafana in a single docker compose

cd compose
docker-compose up

Grafana can be accessed on port 3000 (admin:admin) Prometheus on port 9090

Getting Started

to build the project:

make build
cd bin

To send metrics to Redis, provide address in host:port format.

redis-ts-adapter --redis-address localhost:6379

To receive metrics from Prometheus, Add remote write section to prometheus configuration:

  - url: ''

Makefile commands

run tests:

make test

go linting:

make lint

Redis Sentinel

If you have Redis Sentinel set up for high availability redis, use the redis-sentinel flags:

redis-ts-adapter --redis-sentinel-address localhost:26379 --redis-sentinel-master mydb

Additional flags

Print help:

redis-ts-adapter --help

Set log level:

redis-ts-adapter --log.level debug

Set the timeout to use when sending samples to the remote storage:

redis-ts-adapter --send-timeout 60s

Set the listening port for prometheus to send metrics:

redis-ts-adapter --web.listen-address


Contribution guidelines for this project


See the releases on this repository.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


See the LICENSE file for details.