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A runtime SPIR-V assembler
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A runtime SPIR-V assembler. It aims to ease dynamic SPIR-V code generation without calling external applications (like Khronos' spirv-as)

Its design aims to move code that does not belong in the application to the library, without limiting its functionality.

What Sirit does for you:

  • Sort declaration opcodes
  • Handle types and constant duplicates
  • Emit SPIR-V opcodes

What Sirit won't do for you:

  • Avoid ID duplicates (e.g. emitting the same label twice)
  • Dump code to disk
  • Handle control flow
  • Compile from a higher level language

It's in early stages of development, many instructions are missing since they are written manually instead of being generated from a file.


class MyModule : public Sirit::Module {
    MyModule() {}
    ~MyModule() = default;

    void Generate() {
        SetMemoryModel(spv::AddressingModel::Logical, spv::MemoryModel::GLSL450);
        auto main_type{TypeFunction(TypeVoid())};
        auto main_func{OpFunction(TypeVoid(), spv::FunctionControlMask::MaskNone, main_type)};

        AddEntryPoint(spv::ExecutionModel::Vertex, main_func, "main");

// Then...

MyModule module;

std::vector<std::uint32_t> code{module.Assemble()};
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