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Hedera Hashgraph iOS sdk with smart contract deployment capabilities helps you to build iOS application on Hedera Hashgraph.
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Hedera iOS SDK by Rejolut

About Rejolut

Rejolut is an Award winning company building an innovative digital product for fast-moving companies using emerging technology like Machine/Artificial/Deep Learning, Blockchain, IoT, Augmented/Virtual Reality.

Why iOS sdk despite hedera-wallet-iOS-sdk?

Hedera sdk does not have the smart contract deployment capabilities.

Is this sdk developed from Scratch?

No, we have taken hedera-rust-sdk developed by launchbadge and built on top of it.

How to build this sdk?

1)Clone the above repositories
2)Cd path to the root folder
3)Run this command cd hedera-sdk-iOS cargo lipo --release --targets aarch64-apple-ios armv7-apple-ios armv7s-apple-ios x86_64-apple-ios i386-apple-ios

How to run this into the iOS?

The above steps will generate the target folder. Go to target-> universal->release It contains libhedera.a which needs to be included in the build phases of iOS project.

Is this modified SDK controlled or managed by Hedera Hashgraph?

No, this sdk is totally managed by Rejolut and Rejolut is totally responsible for the existing modification.

Is this SDK free to use?

Yes its free to use and its developed on top of Launchbadge-Rust-SDK so all the licensing applicable to it will also applicable to Rejolut iOS sdk as it is developed on top of it.

Feel free to contact for any Hedera related Development

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