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Daily Readings and Meditations from the writings of Saint Alphonsus
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Saint Alphonsus Meditations and Readings

This project focuses on the transcription of the eight volume set of meditations and readings for every day of the year drawn from the writings of Saint Alphonsus, edited by Rev. J. B. Coyle, C.SS.R. and published in 1923, from the source scans (in the 00_SourceFiles directory) to well-formatted HTML for consuption on the web --- --- as an eBook or as new edition printed pysical books.

Formatting standards

For this book the formatting needs to be in HTML following these standards:

  • <H1> for the day's title (eg: "Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost")
  • <H2> for the section titles of that day's reading (eg: "Morning Meditation", "Spiritual Reading", Evening Meditation")
  • All scriptural quotes need to be in italics
  • All foreign (Latin, Hebrew) words need to be in italics
  • Well-formed HTML is required (proper closing tags for paragraps, italics, etc)

If you want to contriubute...

If you would like to contribute to this project please email to coordinate effort so people aren't accidentally transcribing/correcting the same parts of the source material at the same time without realizing it.

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