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TAOX11 is the CORBA implementation supporting the IDL to C++11 Language Mapping created by Remedy IT. TAOX11 builds on the core of TAO to provide you with a large set of features and capabilities. TAO is a well known and stable CORBA implementation with a rich set of features and capabilities.

Install TAOX11

For installing TAOX11 you must use the AXCIOMA bootstrap repository. The brix11 tooling will clone this repository as part of the bootstrap step.

Supported features

TAOX11 has the following major features:

  1. Compliant with the IDL to C++11 v1.3 language mapping

  2. CORBA v3.3 compliant

  3. Full support of the IDL type system (basic types, constant, enum, string, wide string, sequence, array, struct, union, typedef, exception)

  4. Full support for local and remote CORBA interfaces

  5. Full POA support

  6. Full support for valuetype and abstract interfaces

  7. Full support for Any

  8. Through POA Collocation optimization

  9. CORBA AMI support

  10. Messaging and BiDirection GIOP Policies support

  11. IOR Table support

  12. CodecFactory support

  13. DynamicAny and TypeCodeFactory support

  14. Portable Interceptors