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C++ is a popular and widely used mid-level language. It was designed as an extension of the C language.

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michaeleisel commented Aug 4, 2020 has done their first release ( ) and it seems like something potentially useful for merging code paths. The most likely candidate I imagine is using SIMD code to replace the non-SIMD fallback path, but maybe it'd be worth checking if it can be used to merge ARM and x8

galkinvv commented Jan 21, 2020

The doc is great! Hoewever some areas are still missing.
C++11 intoduced raw string literals:

It is useful in many different areas, like strings with quotes, multiline strings and for example windows paths without escaping backslashes:

const char win_path[] = R"(c:\some\unescaped\path)";

The same cppreference link als

Created by Bjarne Stroustrup

Released October 1985

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