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We're excited to see how communities on Slack are steadily growing day by day. People from different countries and backgrounds discuss a various range of topics in these communities. It is a source of valuable information and contacts we use every day at ReportChef to build one single tool to share progress and obstacles with your team in Slack. We decided to compose a list of Slack communities for your own good. It took Dmitry (analyst at ReportChef) several weeks and after he finished it on 22nd of Aug, the list contained 300 communities.

Update from 06-Sept: We're glad that many of you liked the list and have been sending us links with other communities. We decided to look for more, especially for non-IT Slack communities. And now the list contains 425 communities. Can we make it to 500? :)

I. Product Talks




Startups and Product Development

Startup Study Group 6014 Growing community of helpful founders, investors, and advisors
Startup Chat 5200 One of the largest and most vibrant startup community on Slack. Paid membership
#Launch 4297 Community of like-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers, & makers
BootstrappedChat 3652 Hang out with people who do business by themselves or with a small team
MindTheProduct 3247 International product community. A good one!
ProductHunt 2834 Official ProductHunt community on Slack
Product Manager HQ 2200 Chat, and learn from the world’s largest Slack product community with people around the world
#TechMaster 1593 An online community tying together a diverse and passionate group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers from all around the world
Tech Masters 1412 Technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers from all around the world
Product School 1187 Product Management courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York
Amateurpreneur 1169 Small and medium business and businessmen
Support Driven 1102 Community for SaaS support professionals
Founded X 1000 Global community of startup founders
Moltin 872 E-commerce APIs
CreativeTribes 750 Group about entrepreneurship and startups, growth hacking, productivity, and business and marketing strategy
SaaS Comunity 650 SaaS founders & professionals
Digital Artisans 191 Place where pixel artists, code poets, copywriting wordsmiths and masters of the digital arts can escape the confines of solitude and aid in each others enlightenment
CollabHub 173 Find partners and teammates for your startup 154 Curated lists of the best startup tools and the startup community
#Agile 137 Chat community for talking about all things agile: from software engineering to scrum mastering, methodologies, culture, process and anything else
LemonStand 83 eCommerce Platform
eCommerce Lounge 78 Online stores and internet marketing
#Smaillbiz n/a Small and medium business talks
#FemaleFounders n/a Startups founded by Female Founders
Business China n/a For Chinese interested doing business in America, or American's interested in doing business in China

Design, UI/UX

Designer Hangout 6000 UX designers and researchers from around the world
Spec Network 5600 Chat with community of 5,000+ designers and developers
UpLabs 3353 Web and mobile professionals talk about design, development and provide feedback
Team Sketch 2000 Sketch designers
Animation at Work 928 Web animation and UI animation folks
UX Mastery 896 UX careers and jobs
UXGuide 480 For people interested in UX, product design, and the general art and science
Open Design 102 Non-profit organization to improve the design industry
Everything Design 68 Design critiques, tools
UI UX Community n/a Community for UI/UX designers from all over the globe
#pttrns n/a All things design, tools, gossip, resources or just hang out
MotionDesign n/a Community of designers, animators, illustrators, and all types of digital artists
Anchodesigns n/a Car Designers, Artists, Web Design & Developer, Application Developers, Tattooist, Product designers, Sketchers, Cartoonist and anyone who wants to hire them


Game Development 2845 93 channels about GameDev
Unity Devs 1000 Where Unity developers gather to recount their adventures in the wild
TShock for Terraria 436 Server for Terraria game
MODO User Group 302 3D Modeling Software
Play Well 185 Game development and design courses
PICO-8 178 Console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs
Indie Game Developers 130 Independent GameDevs
The MUD Coders Guild 83 MUD is a multiplayer real-time virtual world, usually text-based

II. IT Talks




Smart Watches & Gadgets

PebbleDev  1984 Development for Pebble Watch
Commercial Drones 234 Business on Drones
Vector Dev 208 Vector Watch Developer Platform
Five Minute WatchKit n/a Apple Watch Community
Sticky Gadgets n/a Community for Gadget Geeks


Hardware Theory 50 Discuss the latest in IoT, robotics, 3D printing, and everything else hardware


A-Frame 1283 Open-source framework for creating WebVR experiences with HTML
WebVR 1024 Javascript API that provides access to VR devices, such as the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, in your browser
VR Creators Network 700 VR-related community
VR Theory 300 Group discussing the latest in Virtual reality and Augmented reality
VRsites 164 Community for VR and Janus VR related discussions
VR Folks n/a Slack group for folks working on virtual reality

Internet of Things

IoT Geeks 112 IoT community
IoT Platform 11 IoT community


Slack Developer Hangout 2696 Community of developers for Slack
Botmakers 1562 Bot fans who make and share online bots for Twitter, Slack, and other networks
Chatbots and AI Group 68 A slack community of Bot & AI enthusiasts who help each other learn, build, and promote chatbots across various platforms

Big Data

Data Quest 2018 Data science chat
WВC 1016 IBM Watson Developer Community
Data Discourse 887 Talks about Big Data 402 Data visualization platform
Dataparis 223 For Geeks of Data
Machine Learning Group 172 Slack community for Machine Learning


Cloud Foundry 3271 Platform for cloud applications
Firebase 2343 Cloud services provider and backend as a service company
Google Cloud Platform Community 1971 GCP lets you build and host applications, store and analyze data on Google's scalable infrastructure 594 Cloud deployment service and free global DNS 374 Continuous deployment cloud hosting
OpenContrail 261 Open-source network virtualization platform for the cloud
Microsoft Azure 206 All aspects of Microsoft Azure, ask questions and get answers
Cloud Native Computing Foundation 190 Linus Torvalds (Linux) foundation
AWS 123 Community of Amazon Web Services users around AWS event

Miscellaneous 3678 Developers bringing fire to the people
Stamplay 848 Advanced platform to build with APIs
HackClub 450 After-school coding club for high schoolers
Hacker Hours 303 Free office hours for programming help
Women in Technology 300 Space for women who work in technology to chat and support each other
Microsoft Dev Chat 246 For developers working with Microsoft technologies
Ansible Network 224 Cross-company SMB communications based on Slack
Silicon Prairie Tech 206 Group of chat channels for prairie-based developers, designers, marketers, and other professionals
IT Crowd 199 Community of IT Professionals
Open Minded Innovations 185 Collaborative network of entrepreneurs, developers, and makers
LGBTQ in Technology n/a Space for LGBTQ people in technology to chat and support each other

III. Programming Talks




JavaScript 13000 JavaScript library for real-time web applications
EmberJS 7099 Open-source JavaScript web framework, based on the Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) pattern
BabelJS  4248 Compiler for writing next generation JavaScript community
Meteor Chef 2608 JavaScript web framework written using Node.js
Node.js 1627 Runtime environment for server-side Web applications
Telescope 1584 Open-source app platform built with React and powered by Meteor
AngularAttack 752 Angular Hackathon community
BoroJS 524 Conferences for the JavaScript community
VueJS 479 MVVM for building interactive interfaces
Metalsmith 434 JavaScript Static Site Generator
JSData 466 Framework-agnostic, datastore-agnostic JavaScript ORM
PouchDB 338 Open-source JavaScript database inspired by Apache CouchDB community
ReactJS 238 ReactJS News
Reindex 183 Instant GraphQL backend for React apps
Gridstack.js 149 jQuery widget/grid layout plugin
EdgeJS 141 Edge.js community
AngularJS n/a JavaScript framework
Monax Library n/a Monax provide a macro to create optimizing Monads and their syntactic sugar


Laravel 11300 PHP framework community
PHP Chat 397 Community of PHP programmers from around the world
Symfony2 370 PHP framework community
PHP_UG 284 Global scene of PHP programmers


iOS Developers HQ 9600 Community for iOS developers
Swift-lang 1748 Programming language community
iosstack-friends 680 The App Guy Podcast
Zewo 490 Open source libraries in Swift for modern server software
Swift Noobs 223 Community devoted to learning the Swift programming language
Open Swift 101 Swift Group
tvOS 201 Community for developers working on Apple TV apps using UIkit and TVML/TVJS


Android Chat 3141 Place for conversation between developers, idealists, entrepreneurs or geeks
Android United 2000 Community of professional Android developers
Android App Makers 173 Free community for android developers
HashtagAndroid 129 Chat with other developers and stay up to date with Android

Ruby, RoR

Ruby on Rails 3111 Ruby on Rails developers from all over the world
Ruby Developers 1900 Ruby and Ruby on Rails Slack group


Python Developers 1906 Python community
Python Community 1166 Python community
Django Developers 463 Web framework


Gophers 8948 Programming language Go
Gophers Community n/a Gophers clan


Ratpack 337 Set of Java libraries for building modern HTTP applications


Frontend Developers n/a Frontend global scene


Eliixir 9101 Eliixir community
Atom 8799 Text editor for the 21st Century
Ionic Worldwide 7749 HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework
Clojure 7054 Clojure community
Code Newbie 5984 Chat for beginners in programming
Kotlin 3945 Statically-typed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript source code
Elm 3498 Elm community
Functional programming 3154 Programming paradigm
Devchat 2881 Group of software developers who come together to solve problems and learn
DC/OS 2650 Open source platform enabling enterprises to easily build and run modern apps in production
Grails 2237 Web application framework community (Groovy version of Ruby on Rails)
Slashrocket 2078 Slashrocket is a community of over 1,000 developers of all backgrounds
DCTech 1831 Tech talk for DC about different frameworks and programming languages
EMC {code} Community 1717 One of the largest Open Source focused Slack teams in the world
Dist-sys 1323 Distributed Systems and Computing
APIs You Won't Hate 1221 APIs, REST, SOAP
Cordova 1135 Mobile application development framework
Erlang 1095 Erlang community
SAP 1000 Experts, consultants, developers, mentors and students using SAP 874 Content Application Platform 672 Online resource and podcasts about programming
Full Stack Developers United 590 Full-Stack Developers community
Redox 471 Unix-like Operating System community
Parse 306 Parse community
USENIX LISA 300 USENIX Association and LISA Conference
Mitmproxy 264 Console program that allows traffic flows to be intercepted, inspected, modified and replayed
Maki 229 Web framework community
Dataloop Support 221 Cloud-scale monitoring for microservices
TypeScript 116 TypeScript community
FlyElephant.Net 110 Platform, which provides a ready-computing infrastructure for high-performance computing and rendering
Racket 108 Multi-paradigm programming language in the Lisp-Scheme family
Chameleon 95 Platform for user onboarding and website tours
Yo Developers Community 79 Discuss Yo API, integrations, features and more

IV. Tech Talks




Databases & Administration

Kubernetes 6715 Automated container deployment, scaling, and management
MacAdmins 6400 OS X Admins
DevOps 3003 Slack Channel dedicated to chatting and learning about DevOps
WinAdmins 1848 Windows Admins
The Spatial Community 1335 Geodatabase
Realm 764 Database for mobile apps. The chat is mainly for Japanese developer
Postgres 527 Object-relational database management system (ORDBMS)
OSQuery 303 SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics
MySQL 291 Open-source relational database management system (RDBMS)
RethinkDB 237 Open source, NoSQL, distributed document-oriented database
VoltDB 154 In-memory database
Apache Cassandra 40 Free and open-source distributed database management system


WordPress 11458 Community for the teams of people who contribute to the WordPress open source project
CraftCMS 2805 Content-first CMS
Sitecore 1092 Sitecore CMS
Shopify Lovers 800 Online store engines, CMS, Shopify
Perch Chat 537 CMS for content-based websites
AsgardCms 500 Modular and multilingual CMS
Ninja Forms 136 WordPress form builder
SpinaCMS 123 CMS for Rails developers
AlchemyCMS 88 Open source Rails CMS
WP Business 63 Questions, resources, frameworks, tools, invoicing, clients, newsletters, taxes, help and more on WordPress


OWASP 801 Open web application security project
Binary Ninja 642 Discussions about BinaryNinja - a reverse engineering platform
DFIR Community 595 Community for security folks interested in Digital Forensics & Incident Response
SAFE Network 473 Secure data storage and communication platform
ZeroDB 126 Enterprise grade security and data protection for Big Data in the Cloud
Penetration Testers n/a Cyber security and Hackers group

Testing and QA

Testers 2000 Software testing community

Tech Documentation

Write The Docs 806 A community focused on all things related to software documentation

V. Finance and Marketing Talks




Online Marketing

Ghost 5000 Publishing platform for professional bloggers
Buffer 2332 Global real-time community for social media and become better at social media by learning from one another real-time
Keen IO 1332 Analytics system
Online Geniuses 1000 Internet marketing community 800 Inbound marketing, curated content
Marketers Chat 798 Affiliate marketing, CPA, mobile offers etc.
SumoMe 704 Website traffic tool
Growmance 646 Growth hacking
CROtricks 496 Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Community
Programmatic Heads 230 Programmatic Marketing
Women in Sales 223 For women working in sales roles who want to connect and learn from each other
Customer Retention and Happiness 134 Community of people who want to retain users, and talk about product changes, and marketing techniques
Mobile Creatives n/a Mobile development and marketing
GrowthNetwork n/a Growth hackers around the world

FinTech and Finance

Stellar 1701 connects people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential
Mondo Developers 871 Mobile bank
Finechfolk 566 Group for FinTech professionals on slack and Linkedin
ClosingBell 255 Stock market traders community
Finances 249 Chat for different financial aspects
Finances 245 Finance discussions
#Investing n/a Investing professionals, finance experts, real estate lovers, & everything money
VC Club n/a Group of VCs, angels, advisors, and founders

Crypto-сurrencies and Blockchain

TheDAO 7000 Global chat on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Storj 4656 Decentralized Cloud Storage from
OpenBazaar 3128 Protocol for e-commerce transactions in a fully decentralized marketplace
Colony Community 2727 Decentralised platform for creating new kinds of startups, governed on the blockchain. 2012 Open source Bitcoin client software
Bitcoin Classic 1848 Fork of Bitcoin with 2 MB block size limit
LBRY 1714 Content sharing and publishing platform that is decentralized and owned by its users
SuperNET 1599 Association of the most reliable blockchain technologies
Etherium 1500 Decentralized platform for applications that run exactly as programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference
Blockstack 1196 Decentralized DNS for blockchain applications
Expanse 1195 Open Blockchain Platform
Bitnation 1172 Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Dash Slack 669 Open sourced, privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions
NXT 634 Blockchain platform
Bittrex 522 Digital currency exchange
Micro 472 Microservice ecosystem. Simplifying building and managing distributed systems
Coinality 428 Service connecting employers and job seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies
Shadow Project 371 Digital currency
Project Radium 351 Blockchain project
BitShares 291 Decentralized exchange
Daohub 248 Platform for use by DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) 103 Bitcoin community
BlockchainWorks 76 Niche platform dedicated to growing talent in the Blockchain space
Bitcoin India n/a BTC exchange
Crypto Community n/a The oldest and largest crypto Slack community

VI. Local Talks





WP South Africa 244 WordPress community
AWS User Group South Africa 198 SA division

Asia in general

Focus Asia 479 Professionals from the tech/startup scene in Asia


DEVANZ 1143 Developers of AU & NZ + friends
View Source 1115 Web Developers from Australia/New Zealand
WP Australia 400 WordPress community
RubyAU 363 Ruby in Australia 271 Front End Developers in (Western) Australia
PerthStartup 128 Slack for the Perth Startup community
Australia VR 126 Network for developers and industry professionals


TechBelgium 723 Belgium tech community

Belarus 753 Belarusian IT chat


Android Dev BR 1530 Brazilian scene
Frontend Brazil 692 Frontend in Portuguese


Vancouver Developers 995 Canadian developers community
Toronto JS 407 Canadian JS community
Startup604 384 Vancouver, BC
Vancouver VR Community 223 VR people in Vancouver
Product of Vancouver 56 Product people around Vancouver


Caribbean Hub 114 Entrepreneurs and professionals from the tech and startup industry in Caribbean


devsChile 162 Chile developers


ProductHunt Colombia 651 Colombian product chat


Devdk 625 Danish web-tech community


FrenchStartupsIO 700 French entrepreneurs community
CryptoFR 622 Crypto-community in French
LyonTechHub 432 Communauté technique LyonTechHub
Communautés Toulouse 231 Toulouse  IT scene


Startup Berlin 1000 Startup Berlin Group is for all of us who push the entrepreneurial scene in Berlin
SwiftDE 566 Swift in German
Paperless Pioneers 329 For all pioneers of the paperless office
BerlinJS 281 German user group focused on JavaScript and related topics 274 WebDev talks in German
Frankfurt Developers 232 Frankfurt Hackers, Engineers and Developers community (in German)
Berlin Techs 219 Place for techies who live and work in the Berlin area 97 Die Community für Webdesigner
TechMunich 56 Techszene in Muenchen
Slack lernen 34 Die kostenlose Community um Tipps und Tricks, rund um das Thema 'Slack' zu erfahren

Hong Kong

Codeaholics 361 Hong Kong coding community


Forritarar  330 Programmer chat in Iceland


Build in Bombay 599 Indian Startup and Tech


UXID 436 UX community in Indonesia
Jakarta JS 326 Jakarta JavaScript User Group


Israeli Startups 218 Startups from Israel


Italia JS 443 JS in Italian


Unity in Japanese 673 Unity, game development platform in Japanese
Android JP 420 Android in Japanese
MySQL-casual 295 Japanese MySQL community
PostgreSQL 210 Japanese community

Latino in general

#700 2000 Latino Startups and Devs
 DevOps LatAm 48 Para todas las personas de latinoamérica. Es un slack de DevOps en español


Coders Mexico 586 Mexican cluster
JavascriptMX 415 JavaScript Meetups in Spanish
GDLJS 286 JavaScript Conference in Spanish

New Zealand

JavaScript New Zealand 323 Kiwi JS Community
Ruby NZ 355 Ruby in New Zealand

Puerto Rico

Programadores de Puerto Rico 99 Programmers community from Puerto Rico


Hexlet 5304 Programming courses in Russian
Creative Russia 3500 One of the largest chat for design, media, technologies in Russian
Hangops_ru 3145 Russian DevOps community
Cocoa Developers Club 2354 API and programming environment for iOS and Mac OS X
Web Stardards 2021 Conference Web Standards Days in Russian
How Games Are Made 1984 Russian-speaking GameDev bloc
JavaScript 1481 JS in Russian
RussianDevs 1138 Russian developers club 1020 Chat for Russian Python developers and Moscow Python meetups
SPB Frontend 518 Saint Petersburg community
Scala 470 Scala community
All That JS 417 JS in Russian
ruHoudini 135 Group of Russian Houdini user 128 Ufa City community
Tomsk JS 80 JS community of Siberian City Tomsk, in Russian. We love Tomsk!
Erlang/Elexir 74 Russian developers brigade
4gophers n/a Go language


Belgrade JS 354 JS in Serbian


Ljubljana Tech Community 166 Techy group of people from Ljubljana and wider Slovenia
Slovenia Ruby User Group 83 Ruby developers from Slovenia

South Korea

Weirdmeetup 1895 Everything related IT area, developers, designers and weird people
Code for Seoul 118 Development in Korean


KIWI Devs 339 Spanish-speaking community created to share materials related to the development
CatalanTechCat 107 Catalan debate group for tech, startups, entrepreneurship, design, app development and job offers


WebZuerich 149 Deutschspaechige Chat fuer Zuerich


Chiang Mai 304 Startups scene in Chiang Mai City

Ukraine 236 Ukraine DevOps Community

United Kingdom

Tech London 3620 Entrepreneurs, startups, investors, design agencies, internet marketers and freelancers in London
Webperformance 490 London front-end community
Frontend London 422 Another front-end community in London
PHPem 138 PHP East Midlands (UK) tech community


TECH404 3354 Group of chat channels for Atlanta area developers, designers, marketers, business people, hobbyists, students, and other professionals involved in technology
Portland pdxstartups 2089 Slack instance that helps the Portland startup community stay connected
NashDev 1854 Nashville developer community
Chicago Tech 1624 Chicago scene
NYCTech 1531 New York City Tech
Software Craftsmanship 1379 Los Angeles community
Mid West Dev Chat 772 US Middle West IT-community
NewTech Colorado 683 Community of technologists based in Colorado
BetaNYC 521 NYC meetup
KnoxDevs 481 Knoxville area software development community
Techlahoma 398 Oklahoma scene
Boston DevOps 394 Connecting web and software developers in the Boston area
Philadelphia Startup Leaders 380 Startups from Philly
PIGSquad 366 Portland Indie Game Squad
Seattle Hacks 347 Seattle community
The Parkland 284 Startup community in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding region (The Triangle, NC)
Mid West Design Chat 273 US Middle West designers
SA Tech Bloc 218 San Antonio community
OrlandoDevs 1113 The Orlando developers Slack group
PDX Digital PM 195 Portland's community for Digital Project Management
Tech Community of New Mexico 155 Place for New Mexican technologists of all stripes to see and be seen
PRO @ UCSD 85 PRO (The Producers and Remixers Organization) is a student-run organization at the University of California, San Diego
BUX 64 UX in Baltimore
Utah Games Guild n/a Utah indie game community
UnityDevs n/a Where Unity developers gather to recount their adventures in the wild


Tashkent Developers 77 Uzbekistan developers community


Vietnam JS 213 JS in Vietnamese

VII. Miscellaneous


NomadList 4000 Social network for digital nomads
NomadEntrepreneurs 850 Nomad List finds you the best places in the world to live and work remotely
Freelance Chat 700 Connect with other freelancers and start sharing your stories, experience, and knowledge!
Remotive 311 Community about remote work and productivity
Remote Work 256 Remote work community
#OnlineCareer 256 Remote workers worldwide
Remote Together 224 Remote workers
VA-Chat 102 Virtual Assistant community
Writers-On-Slack 25  Writers, copywriters, freelancers
Workfrom n/a Remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and distributed companies all over the world


PokemonGo-Bot 11400 Chat for PokemonGo Game
#gaming 2389 Gamers community
RPG Talk 887 Chat about all your favorite role-playing games!
Esports Professional Network 649 Community of e-sports professionals, players and businesses
DND RPG 155 D&D game chat
SteamPool 140 Chat for gamers who try to earn Steam gift cards in games
#MTG Magic The Gathering 114 A chat group for everything Magic The Gathering
Drug Wars n/a Drug wars Game on Slack but not released yet


PeopleGeeks 1000 Geek People with gadgets
#Peoples n/a Operational people, HR people and psychologists
Slack Corporate Recruiter n/a Corporate Recruiter Slack Channel


We Learn JS 800 Group for self-organised people, who are willing to learn JS properly
Learncoding 304 Learncoding community 226 Online education for beginners, intermediate and expert web professionals
Future of Learning n/a Future of learning, including alternative education, new school, life schools and lifelong learning


Learn Slack 331 Learn about Slack and share cool tips and tricks
Modtalk 200 Slack moderator community
Slack Admins 147 The first community for Slack Admins

Products & Companies

Nylas N1 2413 Open source desktop email client
TiSlack 1050 Titanium Community on the web from the Appcelerator Platform (native apps, mobile APIs, real-time analytics)
Clearbit 646 Business Intelligence APIs
AirBNB Hosts 604 Chat with other Hosts from all over the World
GitBook 561 Documentation and manuals writing tool
Data Look 406 For people who are excited about solving social problems with data and code
eZ Community 361 Open content management system for building customer experiences on and beyond the web
Akeneo PIM 147 Product Information Manager based on Symfony2 and OroPlatform


BioBreaks n/a Growing biotech community on Slack


Coders For Sanders 1942 Collective of developers, designers, and creatives working to elect Bernie Sanders for President
Radiant Music 1541 Music community
Grasswire Newsroom 1373 Community of people from all over the world who care about honest, accurate news. We source, verify, write and edit unbiased news stories that matter
We Fast 1130 Intermittent Fasting (IF) Club. IF is one of the most compelling methods to enhance human longevity and other performance metrics
Street Workout 860 Outdoor sport
Talk Coffee 750 Coffee beans, roasting, Bay Area
Code for San Fracisco 629 Brigade of Code for America
SlackDads 555 Dads on Slack
Starters 497 Sport-tech community
Code for DC 463 Brigade of Code for America
Strong Towns 388 Non-profit organization
Kingdom Builders 372 Bringing together followers of Christ from modern technology fields
CannaSlack 328 Growth of the cannabis industry
The Spoken Word 283 Audiobook and podcast enthusiasts, fans and creators
#Podcasters 271 Podcasting and podcasters
Hikers & Backpackers 218 Community of backcountry enthusiasts
Cinereelists 217 Chat for movie geeks: streaming, torrents etc.
X-Wing Games 187 X-Wing Miniatures Games community
Hack Productivity 167 Productivity tips
Lonely Internet People 148 Show us your tears!
#MusicBiz 123 Slack Community for the Music Industry
StarWarsChat 120 A community of Star Wars fans, chatting. About Star Wars. Mostly.
Happy Docs 51 Community of medical professionals who discuss efficiency strategies, latest advances in the industry, navigating our practice in the EMR era and simply connecting with one another
Sci-Fi and Fantasy 50 Folks who like Sci-Fi and Fantasy of all types and mediums
The Prepper Times Slack Community 34 Global real-time community for us to share our passion for prepping and to learn more about it in order to be ready for when the SHTF
AudioML 30 Community for people interested in processing audio and teaching machines to understand it
Green building n/a Green building enthusiastic
Vapor Hangout n/a Vape community
The Music Tech Network n/a A global community of creators, disruptors, remixers, visionaries and influencers at the intersection of music and technology
Liberty Convention n/a An organization for the reform of the U.S. Federal Government through amendments to the Constitution and legislation
#EventJive n/a The first live chat community for event professionals
YTubers n/a for YouTubers
Slack Docker n/a Chat for dockers and maritime workers

Thanks for reading till the end! Do you know any other communities on Slack that are missing here? Please leave them in the comments below.

P.S. If you found this list worthwhile please share it with your friends!


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