A conventional project tool for PHP and git.
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Build Status

A conventional project tool for PHP and git.

This is a work in progress! Several features are missing. Get in touch...

Works out of the box with:

  • PEAR
  • Onion
  • Composer
  • Pirum
  • PHPUnit
  • New and pre-existing projects


Make sure you have curl, git PHP and PEAR installed. On your project folder, run:

curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Respect/Foundation/master/Makefile && make foundation

This command line will install and/or update your Foundation installation.


Type make help to see all available targets.

To see what Foundation has discovered about your project, run make project-info.

You can modify the package.ini file only. Changes in that file will propagate to other package files when you run make package.

Using your own Makefile

If you want to tweak your own Makefile and use it instead of the defuault one:

export FOUNDATION_URL=http://my.domain.com/raw/Makefile/url; make foundation

This will only use a different Makefile, Foundation has a PHP library included to discover some information about the project itself. For that, this repository is cloned, but the URL is also exposed through the FOUNDATION_REPO environment variable which can be overriden as shown above.