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RestExpress: Microservices Framework for Java

RestExpress composes best-of-breed tools to form a lightweight, minimalist Java framework for quickly creating RESTful microservices.

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  1. RestExpress RestExpress Public

    Forked from tfredrich/RestExpress

    Minimalist Java framework for rapidly creating scalable, containerless, RESTful microservices. Ship a production-quality, headless, RESTful API in the shortest time possible. Uses Netty for HTTP, J…

    Java 937 287

  2. RestExpress-Examples RestExpress-Examples Public

    Executable examples of RestExpress

    Java 36 21

  3. RestExpress-Archetype RestExpress-Archetype Public

    Maven artifact to create RestExpress projects quickly.

    Java 27 21

  4. HyperExpress HyperExpress Public

    Forked from tfredrich/HyperExpress

    Media type agnostic library for producing and consuming hypermedia links (ala. HATEOAS) within RESTful services...

    Java 24 14

  5. RepoExpress RepoExpress Public

    Forked from tfredrich/RepoExpress

    Repository pattern for CRUD behavior on Java objects using in-memory (ConcurrentHashMap), MongoDB, Voldemort, or Redis back-end stores. This library works 'expressly' well with RestExpress.

    Java 15 12

  6. RestExpress-Scaffold RestExpress-Scaffold Public

    Rails-inspired kick-start or scaffolding to create new RestExpress projects quickly.

    Java 8 11


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