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Java Makefile


A very simple OTA checker with Android Settings look and feel.

How it works

It parses the OTA xml file that you put in your file hosting and compares the version number with the local one. If the version is newer, it notifies the user for a new ROM update.

How to use

Most guys can skip the below part

Define how ResurrectionOTA should know about the "version". The version must be parseable to a date. Usually, the version is a part of a build name. For example, the 20150426 in the SlimSaber-bacon-5.0.2-20150426. Adjust the OTA configuration according to your build name on how should ResurrectionOTA parse the version Find a key in build.prop that represents the and set it in the "version_name" Set the delimiter in "version_delimiter" to "-" Set the date format in "version_format" to "yyyyMMdd" Set the position in "version_position" to "3" (zero based) Find a key in build.prop that represents your device name and set it in the "device_name" ResurrectionOTA will search this device name in the OTA xml file