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Releases: RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.8

14 Mar 00:28
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Changes since 4.7.1

  • On screen keyboard for entering WiFi password in RetroPie-Setup
  • Improved joystick support in RetroPie-Setup dialogs.
  • Improvement to RetroPie package management and updating.
  • retroarch - updated to v1.10.0
  • Updates to many libretro cores - in depth details about libretro changes can be found on their site -
  • EmulationStation updated to v2.10.2
    • Better Random: Perfect shuffle of systems, games and screensaver items
    • Fixes for event handling so startup events are cleared
    • Pixel positioning/sizing support for themes
    • Added a progress bar during loading + threaded loading for systems (threaded loading is disabled by default currently)
    • Added a cache for stat checks (performance)
    • Support for new scripting events - switching systems/selecting games/screensaver videos and image switching/etc.
    • Improvements to text wrapping for CJK glyphs
    • Updated Arcade resource lists (used to hide MAME devices/bioses and to provide friendly names for zip archives)
    • Ability to use full screen paging with LB/RB
  • hatari - updated to v2.3.1
  • xpadneo (Xbox One Bluetooth driver) - updated to v0.9
  • zesarux - updated to v9.1
  • lzdoom - updated to 3.87c
  • xroar - updated to 1.0.9
  • srb2 - updated to 2.2.9
  • ags - switch to v3.5.1 release branch
  • eduke32 - fix for gameplay bug in E1L4
  • scummvm - updated to 2.5.1, first release since the ResidualVM merge includes bug-fixes and new games.
  • cgenius - updated to the latest stable version (Added Cosmos engine, GUI, sound and controller improvements)
  • tyrquake - updated to 0.69
  • yquake2 - updated to v8.00 and added add-ons game source
  • vice - switch to v3.5 branch
  • advmame - fixes for building on GCC 10+
  • audiosettings - add PulseAudio configuration support
  • esthemes - support branches, to allow multiple themes on a single repo and many new EmulationStation themes added
  • bluetooth - various fixes and improvements
  • kodi - scriptmodule compatibility improvements on Ubuntu
  • Improvements to handling of dkms drivers.
  • New modules
    • lr-stella - added upstream / current Stella libretro core (Atari 2600 emulator)
    • lr-tic80 - TIC-80 is a free and open source fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games (see
    • lr-retro8 - retro8 is an open source re-implementation of the PICO-8 fantasy console.
    • yabasanshiro - standalone Saturn emulator based on Yabause (RPi4 only)
    • hypseus - Hyseus Singe (Daphne) SDL2 Laserdisc emulator
    • ppsspp-1.5.4 - Added old ppsspp module (performs better for some users)
    • dosbox-staging - an enhanced and modernized DosBox fork
    • lr-uae4arm - libretro core of the uae4arm Amiga emulator.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.7.1

04 Nov 14:03
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  • Fixed performance issue with EmulationStation on Raspberry PI 0/1/2/3 with legacy drivers (Switch back to GLESv1 for now until issues with ES GLESv2 renderer are sorted)
  • Fixed ES scraper.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.7

02 Nov 05:50
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Changes since 4.6

  • Added xpadneo - linux driver for xbox one wireless gamepad.
  • retroarch - updated to v1.8.8.
  • Added mame - standalone MAME emulator building from latest code.
  • srb2 (Sonic Robo Blast 2) - updated to v2.2.2.
  • cgenius - updated to
  • hatari (Atari ST emulator) - updated to v2.2.1.
  • amiberry (Amiga emulator) - updated to v3.3.
  • scummvm - updated to 2.2.0
  • xroar (Dragon 32 / CoCo emulator) - updated to v0.36
  • ti99sim - update to version 0.16.0 and switch to SDL2.
  • Added ti99sim-sdl1 for older distros as new code requires GCC 8
  • sdltrs - switch to the SDL2 version, enable for KMS
  • attractmode - now supports RPI4/KMS.
  • lr-vecx - now includes GPU rendering support for smooth vector output.
  • sdl1 / runcommand - fix aspect ratio using the dispmanx backend with sdl1 on fkms (this affects various sdl1 emulators such as dosbox, * daphne, openbor and others).
  • lr-gpsp - fixed crash on RaspberryPi OS Buster.
  • opentyrian - updated to latest code which now uses SDL2 backend.
  • darkplaces-quake - added optional gles version for RPI4 with better performance.
  • gemrb - updated to v0.8.6 and switched to SDL2 backend.
  • lr-bnses - updated to the current BSNES version of the libretro fork.
  • vice - updated to latest version, and re-enable fastsid which got disabled by default upstream.
  • Improved Aarch64 support (64bit Arm) - can be manually installed on the beta 64bit Raspberry Pi OS, but is not officially supported.
  • lzdoom - update to 3.86a (This was announced as the final lzdoom release to support GL2 rendering.)
  • mupen64plus - reworking of module logic - now enabled on mali targets.
  • Added recognition for Jetson Nano and Tegra X1
  • Added gpg signing for pre-built binaries.
  • Improvements to runcommand and RPI4 videomode detection.
  • Updates to Skyscraper (Metadata scraper).
  • usbromservice - fixed bug with mounting ext3/ext4 partitions.
  • audiosettings - updates for Pi4 and support for discrete internal ALSA devices.
  • New esthemes added.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added new experimental modules:
    • lr-mesen - Mesen NES/Famicom emulator.
    • lr-theodore - Thomson MO/TO system emulator.
    • lr-smsplus-gx - Sega Master System/Game Gear emulator.
    • lr-gearsystem - Sega Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000 emulator.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.6

28 Apr 00:54
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Changes since 4.5

  • Raspberry Pi 4 support! Support is labelled as beta currently as there are still things to improve, but most emulators now run well.
  • The RetroPie images are now based on Raspbian Buster - Stretch is no longer supported by Raspberry Pi (Trading) ltd. RetroPie will stop updating pre-built binaries for Stretch later in the year.
  • Improvements to RetroPie packaging system and core RetroPie-Setup code so package state is remembered and binary updates will only be done if an updated binary is available. Source installs won’t be overwritten by a pre-built binary when updating also.
  • RetroArch updated to v1.8.5.
    • New notification system with cheevos badges support.
    • RGUI can be themed.
    • Support for real CD ROM, with the ability to dump the disc image.
    • Improved disk control system, with support for labeling disks in .m3u files.
    • RetroAchievements support for PS1/Sega CD/PCEngine CD.
  • EmulationStation updated to v2.9.1.
    • Scraper fixes for the TheGameDBNet.
    • Grid view improvements and bugfixes.
    • Theming improvements.
    • New options for "disable system name on custom collections" and "save gamelist metadata after each modification".
  • Added videomode switching support to runcommand for KMS and X11 targets. SDL2 applications only.
  • Added ioquake3 module for platforms other than Raspberry Pi 1-3.
  • Replaced zdoom with lzdoom as zdoom is no longer maintained.
  • amiberry - updated to 3.1.3 including ipf support.
  • stella - updated to 6.0.1.
  • SDL updated to 2.0.10 with rpi4/kms fixes.
  • solarus - lots of updates to modernise the port.
  • eduke32 - major overhaul including adding package for IonFury.
  • zesarux - updated to v8.0.
  • cgenius - updated to v2.3.6.
  • drastic - update to with RPI4 compatibility.
  • scummvm - updated to v2.1.1.
  • atari800 - updated to v4.2.0 (lr-atari800 config has been moved to lr-atari800.cfg to avoid conflicting)
  • lr-mupen64plus / lr-mupen64plus-next - enable GLES3 support on rpi4.
  • lr-opera - renamed from lr-4do.
  • Sonic Robo Blast - updated to 2.2.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.
  • Added new experimental modules.
    • vvvvvv - Port of the popular platform / puzzle game VVVVVV.
    • lr-neocd - Neo Geo CD emulator.
    • redream - Dreamcast emulator for the Raspberry Pi 4.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.5.1

17 Jul 14:47
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Changes since 4.5

  • Downgraded to 4.14 kernel to resolve some 4.19 kernel/firmware issues

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.5

03 Jul 21:19
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Changes since 4.4

  • Dropped Raspbian/Debian Jessie support
  • Raspberry Pi 3 A+ support (via Stretch firmware update)
  • Many new es themes added
  • Added Skyscraper (Scraper for Emulation Station game lists)
  • RetroArch updated to v1.7.6
  • Amiberry (Amiga emulator) updated to v2.25, including support for launching whdload and CD32 titles from ES.
  • Jzintv (Intellivision emulator) updated to 20181225 release
  • atari800 - updated to v4.0.0
  • Mupen64plus - updated to latest version (GlideN64 stability and compatibility improved), as well as other changes.
  • Fuse (ZX Spectrum emulator) updated to v1.5.7
  • ZEsarUX (ZX Spectrum emulator) updated to v7
  • advmame (Advance MAME arcade emulator) - updated to v3.9
  • Fixed building of quake3 for RPI.
  • Added love-0.10.2 (2d Game Engine) for compatibility with older games.
  • Dosbox updated to SVN r4194 including joystick fix for 360 controllers.
  • CGenius - updated to v2.3.1
  • lr-flycast (libretro Dreamcast emulator) - renamed from lr-reicast and enabled for arm platforms including the RPI.
  • reicast - Switched to updated upstream repository - the latest code includes bugfixes and improvements including better game compatibility as well as our RPI fixes.
  • lr-ppsspp - switched to upstream repository for latest version
  • lr-fbneo (Arcade and console emulator) - renamed from lr-fblpha - lots of improvements including neo geo cd support, and optional cyclone 68k core for better performance on slower devices for some games.The emulator can now be selected as an alternate emulator for Sega Genesis/Mastersystem/SG-1000, PC-Engine, MSX, ColecoVision and ZXSpectrum.
  • Fixes and updates to many libretro cores
  • Kodi updated to the 18 “Leia” release (only available in Raspbian Stretch)
  • Improvements/fixes to joystick control in runcommand launch menu
  • Fixes / Improvements to bluetooth pairing
  • Added sixaxis driver - better DualShock 3 controller support with full bluetooth coexistence
  • Third-party (Shanwan/Gasia) controller support via customhidsony & custombluez drivers
  • lr-mame2014 renamed to lr-mame2015
  • Emulationstation - updated to v2.8.4 which includes:
    • 2 new scrapers added for the TheGamesDB and ScreenScraper. Also many bugfixes and improvements including:
    • Gridview support now in main version
    • Hide MAME bios files by default
    • Graphical / rendering fixes
    • Loading progress
    • Allow using analog sticks for navigation
    • More flexible audio configuration
    • Lots of code refactoring, bugfixes and performance improvements, including removing boost libraries making compilation faster (and code smaller).
    • Search and load artwork based on ROM name (image and video)
    • Experimental scripting support, triggered by events.
  • Added new experimental modules
    • moonlight - NVIDIA GameStream client
    • steamlink - Steam Link streaming client for Raspberry Pi 3
    • jumpnbump - multiplayer platform game
    • mysticmine - open source indie game
    • bombermaaan - Classic bomberman game
    • lr-superflappybirds - Multiplayer Flappy Bird Clone
    • lr-scummvm - libretro version of scummvm (Allows playing of many classic point and click adventures)
    • lr-x1 - Sharp X1 libretro core
    • lr-redream - Dreamcast emulator
    • lr-pokemini - Pokemon Mini emulator
    • lr-81 - Sinclair ZX81 emulator
    • lr-quasi88 - NEC PC-8801 emulator
    • splitwolf - 2-4 player split-screen Wolfenstein 3D / Spear of Destiny port
    • lr-mupen64plus-next - a new WIP Libretro core which aims to be improve upon the existing lr-mupen64plus core.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.4

14 Apr 18:29
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Changes since 4.3

  • Added support for Raspbian Stretch, and switched to it for our main images, as Raspbian Jessie is no longer receiving kernel/firmware updates. Many changes were needed around the codebase to work correctly with Raspbian Stretch.
  • Added basic support for the ASUS Tinker Board.
  • RetroArch updated to v1.7.1 (built with video recording support via ffmpeg on Raspbian Stretch).
  • AdvanceMAME updated to v3.7
  • ScummVM - updated to v2.0. This fixes the controller issues and adds support for additional games.
  • Stella (Atari 2600 emulator) updated to v5.0.2
  • Fuse (ZX Spectrum emulator) updated to v1.4.1
  • SDL2 - updated to 2.0.8
  • Dosbox - Updated to latest code, implemented software MIDI synth support, and launching via .conf files directly.
  • lr-freeintv libretro Intellivision emulator
  • AGS - enable DIGMID support for MIDI playback on devices with no hardware MIDI Support.
  • Fixes for xarcade2jstick.
  • Added customhidsony, a custom hid-sony dkms driver module patched to fix the eternal vibrate bug with third-party Shanwan controllers.
  • wolf4sdl - fix spear of destiny mission support.
  • Zdoom - add support for launching Hexen 1 Series, Heretic, Strife and Chex 3.
  • cgenius - updated to v2.2.0.
  • Amiberry - update to the new SDL2 release (still using SDL1 on the Raspberry Pi due to performance reasons).
  • Emulation Station improvements including Kiosk mode, and a new experimental module emulationstation-dev for those wanting to try our the very latest Emulation Station code.
  • Various mupen64plus (N64 emulator) fixes.
  • Removed lr-armsnes as it’s no longer developed and has only minor changes over lr-snes9x2002.
  • Fix non working xm7 (Fujitsu FM-7) emulator.
  • Joy2key - input mapping improvements and fixes.
  • Identify and allow installing on Linux Mint Debian Edition and Deepin.
    *Added various new Emulation Station themes, installable from RetroPie-Setup.
  • Added new experimental modules:
    • lr-dosbox (Dosbox port for libretro)
    • dosbox-sdl2 (DOSBox port with SDL2 & FluidSynth support)
    • mame2003-plus-libretro (mame2003 with backported fixes)
    • Update lr-desmume and split 2015 version off to lr-desume2015.
    • digger - digger remastered.
    • yquake2 - Supports Quake II and both official mission packs.
    • Abuse - port of run and gun game.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.3

21 Sep 14:30
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Changes since 4.2

  • Many updates to Emulation Station including:
  • Collections support including Favourite, All, Recently Played and custom collections.
    • Video and Image Screensaver support.
    • Power saving modes.
    • Many theming fixes and improvements.
    • Configuration of RetroArch hotkey enable button.
    • Allow using OMXPlayer for video playback on the RPI.
    • Many other fixes and improvements. Full changelog can be found here –
  • Added basic Odroid-XU3/4 support.
  • RetroArch updated to v1.6.7. Include minimal retroarch assets for the xmb interface by default.
  • AdvanceMAME updated to v3.5
  • fuse updated to v1.4.0
  • zesarux updated to v5.0
  • lr-fbalpha updated to
  • lr-imame4all renamed to lr-imame2000 to match upstream name.
  • lr-bluemsx updated to add Colecovision support.
  • lr-mame2003 updated with fixed audio for the Mortal Kombat series.
  • Added SDL1 version of scummvm – scummvm-sdl1 – for those with joypad and MT32 issues with the standard SDL2 version.
  • gamecon_gpio_rpi and db9_gpio_rpi updated for Kernel 4.9 compatibility.
  • Workaround for using PCSX2 on 64bit without our custom SDL library.
  • Updates/improvements to mupen64plus and the GLideN64 plugin.
  • Improved controller button mapping in the RetroPie-Setup menus.
  • esthemes – Many new themes available to install from esthemes configuration. Ability to update all installed themes.
  • Runcommand – user menu support.
  • usbromservice – fix BIOS and configuration folders not copying.
  • Enabled some additional packages on Odroid boards – hatari, zdoom, openblok, alephone and lr-ppsspp.
  • Bluetooth configuration – improved interoperability with the ps3 controller driver.
  • New configuration tool to change terminal font size
  • New packages added to experimental section:
    • pegasus-fe – Pegasus Frontend – new launcher/frontend in development.
    • lr-vice (C64 Emulator).
    • srb2 – Sonic Robo Blast 2 port.
    • cdogs-sdl – C-Dogs SDL – Classic overhead run-and-gun game.
    • lr-px68k (x68000 emulator).
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.2

20 Mar 00:05
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  • EmulationStation Improvements
    • Video Support
    • White Screen of Death Fix
  • Support for the ODroid-C2 (on top of the Ubuntu 16.04 minimal image).
  • Kodi 17 now installable from optional packages.
  • AdvanceMame has been updated and split into three separate packages - 0.94, 1.4 and v3.3.
  • Updated to RetroArch v1.5.0
  • To match upstream changes, lr-mupen64plus has been renamed to lr-parallel-n64, and lr-glupen64 has been renamed to lr-mupen64plus.
  • Fixed launching Pixel desktop and other X11 apps from Emulation Station.
  • Fixed problems building Zdoom, ResidualVM and Mupen64Plus and PPSSPP.
  • Doom ports will automatically add launch scripts if it finds doom1.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, or plutonia.wad.
  • lr-snes9x emulator added - a libretro port of the current snes9x codebase.
  • Added Amiberry (an Amiga emulator), which is an updated fork of uae4arm, with more features.
  • Multi disk zip support for Vice (C64 emulator), fs-uae, uae4arm and Amiberry (Amiga). You can now launch Amiga disk images directly from Emulation Station with uae4arm and Amiberry.
  • Standalone version of Stella (Atari 2600 emulator) updated to v4.7.3.
  • usbromservice - support mounting of usb stick over ~/RetroPie to keep roms on USB.
  • Ability to set custom ES themes in configs/all/platforms.cfg (can override any setting in RetroPie-Setup/platforms.cfg).
  • SDL2 updated to 2.0.5. Our patched SDL2 is now used on the PC version of RetroPie, which should resolve an issue with ps3 controller mapping.
  • Sselph’s scraper updated to the latest version, and new options added. Scraper has been moved to optional packages and need to be installed before it will show up in configuration / tools.
  • Include PowerBlock and ControlBlock driver packages.
  • Input configuration script for Daphne.
  • RetroPie-Setup menus now works with all connected joysticks (mapping is still hardcoded).
  • Updated RPI detection code to support BRANCH=next firmware/kernel.
  • Overhaul of the runcommand launch script.
  • Raspbian Wheezy support removed.
  • Support Xbian on RPI, and Devuan, Elementary OS, and Neon on X86.
  • New packages added to experimental section:
    • lr-mrboom (an 8 player bomberman clone).
    • lr-mame2016 (Arcade emulator).
    • lr-mess2016 (Multiple omputers/console emulator).
    • DraStic (Nintendo DS Emulator - RPI only).
    • lr-beetle-saturn (Sega Saturn emulator - x86_64 only).
    • Minivmac (Macintosh Plus Emulator).
    • Quasi88 (NEC PC-8801 emulator).
    • np2pi (NEC PC-9801 emulator).
    • Xm7 (FM-7 / Fujitsu Micro 7 emulator).
    • Mehstation and Attract-Mode Frontends.
    • launchingimages (a script from Meleu to generate system launch images based on installed Emulation Station themes).
  • Many other code changes and bugfixes.

RetroPie-Setup Script version 4.1

05 Nov 22:21
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  • Updated RetroArch and many libretro cores to the latest versions.
  • Some libretro packages have been renamed to match the upstream core names:
    • lr-fba to lr-fbalpha2012
    • lr-fba-next to lr-fbalpha
    • lr-pocketsnes to lr-snes9x2002
    • lr-catsfc to lr-snes9x2005
    • lr-snes9x-next to lr-snes9x2010
  • Updated Vice (C64 emulator) to the latest version.
  • Fixed PPSSPP building on the RPI and updated it to the latest version.
  • lr-fba-next updated to fbalpha v0.2.97.39 including fixes for Irem hardware on arm (rtype / rtype 2 etc)
  • WiFi configuration - added ability to import Wifi ssid/psk from /boot/wifikeyfile.txt for set-up without a keyboard.
  • Updated Fuse (Spectrum emulator) to v1.3.0
  • Updated Zesarux (Spectrum / CPC emulator) to the latest version.
  • Include lr-glupen64 by default on image (moved from optional to main).
  • Added darkplaces-quake to optional packages. When installing/update the Quake emulators, launch scripts for any installed mission packs will be created.
  • Build ResidualVM with SDL2 + opengles support.
  • Added steam controller driver from
  • Added mk_arcade_joystick_rpi driver from
  • Fixed build issues on uae4arm, and kickstart removal on upgrade of uae4arm/uae4all.
  • Screensaver / Screen dimming in Emulation Station no longer stops the built in scraper.
  • Compatibility with upstream plymouth changes. Image is based on the latest upstream Raspbian Lite from 2016-09-23 with all updates.
  • New themes added to the theme installer - including pixel-meta, pixel-tft, luminous, minilumi from Rookervik and io and spare themes from Mattrixk
  • New packages added to experimental section
    • Added emulators lr-beetle-pcfx (PCFX emulator)
    • Added retropie-manager web interface (based on recalbox-manager).
    • Added pcsx2 emulator (Playstation 2 emulator - x86 / x86_64 only).
    • Added openpht (x86 / x86_64 only).
    • Added fs-uae (Amiga emulator - x86 / x86_64 only).
    • Added lr-bsnes (Super Nintendo emulator - x86/x86_64 only)
    • Added lr-hatari (Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator)
  • Added some RetroPie-Setup function documentation to aid those contributing code -
  • Various other improvements / bugfixes