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Launcher 2.1.5

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@hhyyrylainen hhyyrylainen released this 29 Apr 13:31
· 60 commits to master since this release

If you are unsure which file to download:

Windows: ThriveLauncher_Windows_Installer_2.1.5.0.exe
Linux: Download from Flathub or download .flatpakref
MacOS: ThriveLauncher_Mac_Installer_2.1.5.0.dmg (Note: we are currently not a registered Apple developer, see here for why, so you need to go through Finder to run the app. And even though your mac will tell you to contact us to fix the app, please do not and see this link instead)


  • Added check in the launcher for required SSE 4.2 instructions support to be able to show a warning before even trying to start Thrive
  • Updated translations