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After much anticipation we are proud to release Thrive 0.4.0. Having completed the Herculean task of switching to a new engine the game is much more playable, fun and can now be won and lost. So avoid extinction and struggle for survival in a world which now has prokaryotes, several new organelles and a completely revamped look and scale in the best Thrive release yet.


For easiest installation, download the latest version of the launcher:

Alternatively, download the relevant file above for manual installation.


Read the latest Devblog for a detailed breakdown of all the new features:

Patch Notes

  • Bacteria
  • Darwinian Autoevo (Which affects prokaryotes and eukaryotes)
  • Procedural Species names
  • Improved AI
  • The new AI has "behaviors" which determine how each species acts, and those behaviors can also mutate
  • Winning and Losing has been added, will you go extinct? Or Thrive?
  • Stability increases
  • Massive Graphical Upgrades
  • New Engine
  • Many new Organelles
  • Help menu now randomly gives tips and fun facts about microbiology
  • Editor Tooltips
  • Several new biomes, and all old biomes have been replaced.
  • Massively Improved, faster paced, gameplay loop
  • Reworked Process System
  • New Compounds
  • NPC members of your species now show up in game
  • New Microbe Intro
  • New Thrive intro