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A UWP application focusing on OneDrive image sharing
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Img Share Open source specification

Thanks for Windows Community Toolkits.
The OneDrive service they provide is the core component of the software.

The original name of the application is Img Share. Because it cannot be updated in the Microsoft Store, it is abandoned and a new application called Picture Share is created.

Function description

Img Share is used to upload pictures to OneDrive and then share the pictures to get links that can be accessed directly. Usually used as embedded pictures for web pages, such as blogging.


The app is already on the shelf in Microsoft's App Store.

Here is the address: Microsoft Store

If you want to see the instructions of the software, please click here: Richasy Blog

Development environment

Key Value
System requirements Windows10-Ver 1803 or upper
Development tool Visual Studio 2017
Programing language C#
Display language Chinese and English
Comment language Chinese

Deployment instructions

Download the whole project, run Img_Share.sln, start the project Img_Share, and try to see if it works.

Of course, you can't use OneDrive now because you lack ClientId.

Because the software relies on OneDrive, you have to apply for an OneDrive application here before running the whole project. Remember to add the necessary permissions and place the generated ClientId at the location of the following path:

OneDriveShareImage > ShareImageTools.cs > _clientId

Now, if everything goes well, it should be able to work.

If you log on to OneDrive and can't pop up the permission list, you may not have added Native App under Platform in your OneDrive App.

A hint

  1. The UI of the software is not bad, maybe it can give you inspiration.
  2. Considering the possibilities of uploading a large number of images, I use Sqlite database as storage. If you don't like it, you can use simple JSON to store data.
  3. If you want to add new functions to the software, you are welcome to submit Pull Request.
  4. I hope you DON'T duplicate this app on the Microsoft Store.

Thank you for your watching. If you have any questions, please send an email to inquire.

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