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Interface between audio input and Icecast stream
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Radio Streamer

This is a node interface between a radio station's audio output and an Icecast server. In our case, the streamer receives audio from Myriad Playout and sends it to our Icecast hosting service.

TODO: include provisions to notify technicians of downtime and to switch to an emergency broadcast recording in the event Myriad Playout goes silent.


Clone the repository, then install the dependencies:

$ apt-get install icecast2 libshout3 libshout3-dev libasound2-dev
$ npm install ashishbajaj99/mic lame nodeshout --save

Create config.json from template:

$ cp config.template.json config.json

Running stream as a process

You can keep the stream running as a process using PM2:

$ npm install pm2 -g
$ pm2 start ./index.js -n stream

You can then set it to run on startup.

Known faults

Conflicting libssl1.0-dev and libssl-dev packages mean that NPM and libshout3-dev cannot be installed at the same time (see bug).

A workaround is to downgrade Node.js:

$ apt-get install nodejs=8.10.0~dfsg-2ubuntu0.2 nodejs-dev=8.10.0~dfsg-2ubuntu0.2 npm libshout3-dev
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