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Image Scaler

Simple but powerful batch image rescaler.

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So a little while ago a friend of mine came up with the idea to write a program that would automatically create SD images for already existing HD (@2x) skin images. And now that program is done :D.

The program itself looks like this:

By default it will look for all the files in the input folder that have a name that ends with @2x and scale them down by a factor 2. It'll also remove the @2x part from the file name of the generated SD image. However I decided to make all the filters and parameters configurable so you could actually also use this program to upscale or downscale a whole folder of images. You can also drag folders into the fields to set the paths.

Well I hope some of you find this program useful :) And if you find any bugs or think of nice features feel free to report/request them.


Requires Java 8 or higher

All releases: releases
GitHub repository: here
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Program icon by: my name is hi


Project development started: 9th of June, 2018.