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Swift 4 compatible Carthage compatible Ubuntu  CI

Swift wrapper for CRoaring (a C/C++ implementation at

Roaring bitmaps are used by several important systems:

Roaring bitmaps are found to work well in many important applications:

Use Roaring for bitmap compression whenever possible. Do not use other bitmap compression methods (Wang et al., SIGMOD 2017)


Swift 4.0 or higher

Usage using Swift Package Manager

Create a directory where you will create your application:

mkdir foo
cd foo
swift package init --type executable

Then edit Package.swift so that it reads something like this:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "foo",
    dependencies: [
   .package(url: "",  from: "0.0.1")
    targets: [
            name: "foo",
            dependencies: ["SwiftRoaring"]),

Edit main.swift (in Sources) so that it looks something like this :

import SwiftRoaring;



Here is a simplified but complete example:

import SwiftRoaring

//Create a new Roaring Bitmap
let bitmap = RoaringBitmap()

//Example: Add Range
bitmap.addRange(min: 0, max: 500)

//Example: copy
let cpy = bitmap.copy()

//Example: Operators
let and = bitmap && cpy

//Example: Iterate
for i in bitmap {

//See documentation for more functionalities!


You can build using Swift Package Manager as follows:

swift build  --configuration release

To find where the library is built, type the following in your shell:

 echo $(swift build   --configuration release  --show-bin-path)

You can run tests using Swift Package Manager as follows:

swift test

Interactive use

$ swift build  --configuration release
$ swift repl -I .build/release -L .build/release -lSwiftRoaringDynamic
  1> import SwiftRoaring
  2> let bitmap = RoaringBitmap()
  3> bitmap.add(1)
  4> for i in bitmap {

Mailing list/discussion group!forum/roaring-bitmaps

Compatibility with Java RoaringBitmap library

You can read bitmaps in Go, Java, C, C++ that have been serialized in Java, C, C++.


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