In-memory dimensional time series database.
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brharrington add :delay, :rolling-min, and :rolling-max (#919)
Add operators requested for alerting use-cases:

- `delay`: can be used as an alternative to `:offset` for
  use-cases short offsets that need to run in the streaming
  path. Also it can be applied to any time series instead of
  just data expressions.
- `rolling-min`: track the minimum value seen within a
  window. For data that is mostly smooth, but has some noise
  this can be a useful way to get a reasonable lower bound
  with little tuning required.
- `rolling-max`: similar to `rolling-min` only using the max
  to get an upper bound.

Also refactors DES operators to use a new common base trait
that works for any implementation of OnlineAlgorithm.
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atlas-akka add support for configurable diagnostic headers (#904) Sep 18, 2018
atlas-chart/src remove useless call (#836) Jun 2, 2018
atlas-config/src update headers for 2018 (#756) Jan 2, 2018
atlas-core/src add :delay, :rolling-min, and :rolling-max (#919) Sep 25, 2018
atlas-eval fix behavior for aggregating count (#917) Sep 25, 2018
atlas-jmh/src/main/scala/com/netflix/atlas short circuit pattern matching with prefix check (#858) Jul 24, 2018
atlas-json/src add Json.decode that takes a JsonNode object (#889) Sep 4, 2018
atlas-lwcapi/src add hook to control startup delay for lwcapi (#906) Sep 19, 2018
atlas-module-akka/src fix shutdown for ActorSystem (#882) Aug 24, 2018
atlas-module-cloudwatch/src update headers for 2018 (#756) Jan 2, 2018
atlas-module-eval/src update headers for 2018 (#756) Jan 2, 2018
atlas-module-lwcapi/src add hook to control startup delay for lwcapi (#906) Sep 19, 2018
atlas-module-webapi/src update headers for 2018 (#756) Jan 2, 2018
atlas-poller-cloudwatch/src Minor improvement to `MetricCategory` doc (#916) Sep 25, 2018
atlas-poller/src spectator 0.70.2 Jun 18, 2018
atlas-standalone/src remove bad api from static config (#799) Feb 28, 2018
atlas-test/src/main/scala/com/netflix/atlas/test initial work to split rendering from webapi (#797) Feb 27, 2018
atlas-webapi/src add directives for setting Netflix-Endpoint header (#903) Sep 15, 2018
atlas-wiki/src/main support rendering pre-evaluated data (#808) Mar 23, 2018
conf fix 503 after first subscribe request (#671) Sep 7, 2017
project jackson 2.9.7 (#913) Sep 24, 2018
scripts fix #695, enable build for jdk9 (#709) Oct 12, 2017
.gitignore ignore .ivy2 dir on jenkins Dec 12, 2014
.scalafmt.conf scalafmt config to help ensure consistency (#666) Sep 1, 2017
.travis.yml support multiple step sizes in eval library (#884) Aug 29, 2018 fix link to reporting issues section (#724) Oct 26, 2017
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Makefile add format target (#785) Feb 15, 2018
OSSMETADATA adding OSSMETADATA for NetflixOSS tracking Dec 11, 2015 update headers for 2018 (#756) Jan 2, 2018
build.sbt switch to spectator-ext-ipc for request metrics (#902) Sep 15, 2018


Backend for managing dimensional time series data.



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