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🚫 Small set of defensive programming utilities/traits for PHP
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roave/dont is a small PHP package aimed at enforcing good practices when it comes to designing defensive code.

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composer require roave/dont


The package currently provides the following traits:

  • Dont\DontDeserialise
  • Dont\DontSerialize
  • Dont\DontClone
  • Dont\DontGet
  • Dont\DontSet
  • Dont\DontCall
  • Dont\DontCallStatic
  • Dont\JustDont

Usage is straightforward:

use Dont\DontSerialise;

class MyClass
    use DontSerialise;

serialize(new MyClass); // will throw an exception

The same applies to DontDeserialise, but this time with unserialize().

Dont\JustDont includes other seven traits and is the recommended one to use.

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