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🚰 PHPUnit Plugin for detecting Memory Leaks in code and tests
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This library is a PHPUnit plugin that detects memory leaks in tested code or tests. It utilizes memory_get_usage() to make sure the code beeing executed properly cleans up after itself.


composer require --dev roave/no-leaks



If any memory leaks are detected, you should see an output like following:

Exception: The following test produced memory leaks:
 * My\Leaky\Test::testSomething
 * My\Leaky\Test::testSomethingElse

Configuration and Parameters

vendor/bin/roave-no-leaks supports all configuration parameters and console parameters of PHPUnit.

Known Issues

Please be aware that this is not a full substitute for PHPUnit:

  • the output format is to be improved
  • memory leak detection for scalar types and arrays is not reliable
  • can fail depending on xdebug/phpdbg/php-sapi changes

Professional Support

If you need help with setting up this library in your project, you can contact us at for consulting/support.

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