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#pragma once
// FILE: RunningAverage.h
// VERSION: 0.4.3
// DATE: 2016-dec-01
// PURPOSE: Arduino library to calculate the running average by means of a circular buffer
// URL:
#include "Arduino.h"
class RunningAverage
explicit RunningAverage(const uint16_t size);
void clear();
void add(const float value) { addValue(value); };
void addValue(const float value);
void fillValue(const float value, const uint16_t number);
float getValue(const uint16_t position);
float getAverage(); // iterates over all elements.
float getFastAverage() const; // reuses previous calculated values.
// return statistical characteristics of the running average
float getStandardDeviation() const;
float getStandardError() const;
// returns min/max added to the data-set since last clear
float getMin() const { return _min; };
float getMax() const { return _max; };
// returns min/max from the values in the internal buffer
float getMinInBuffer() const;
float getMaxInBuffer() const;
// return true if buffer is full
bool bufferIsFull() const { return _count == _size; };
float getElement(uint16_t index) const;
uint16_t getSize() const { return _size; }
uint16_t getCount() const { return _count; }
// use not all elements just a part from 0..partial-1
// (re)setting partial will clear the internal buffer.
void setPartial(const uint16_t partial = 0); // 0 ==> use all
uint16_t getPartial() { return _partial; };
// get some stats from the last count additions.
float getAverageLast(uint16_t count);
float getMinInBufferLast(uint16_t count);
float getMaxInBufferLast(uint16_t count);
// Experimental 0.4.3
float getAverageSubset(uint16_t start, uint16_t count);
uint16_t _size;
uint16_t _count;
uint16_t _index;
uint16_t _partial;
float _sum;
float* _array;
float _min;
float _max;
// -- END OF FILE --