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Icinga 2 Monitoring

Icinga 2 Monitoring solution all implemented in Docker.

Getting Started

Icinga 2 in Docker is really easy to get started with. Clone the repo and follow the instructions below. This implementation relies heavily on docker compose in order to make standing the full application stack up very easy.

This implementation makes use of PostgreSQL database as well as InfluxDB for timeseries metrics. It also makes use of Icinga Web 2 for monitoring and Grafana for visualizing the timeseries data providing an excellent historic overview of the hosts and services you are monitoring.

As can be seen in the docker-compose file, many important directories have had Docker volumes mounted for them.


Icinga 2 in Docker requires the following to be installed first:

Docker CE
Docker Compose


Please read through the Dockerfiles and docker-compose file as well as the important section below fully so as to understand what is to be run.

Once you have cloned this repo simply follow the steps below:

cd <repo-directory>
docker-compose up -d


Please note there are default passwords used in the Dockerfiles as well as the docker-compose file. Please adjust these accordingly before use.

Tools and technlogies used



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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