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Djangoticia: a Control Web Interface for Roboticia and Poppy robots. Based on Django.

Warning : Djangoticia is mainly intended to work on a Raspberry-Pi to work with Roboticia robots. Because Roboticia robots are Poppy compatible, it could also works with Poppy robots. You can find a SD card image for RPI3 with Djangoticia already installed here. Anyway, Djangoticia can work (without all functionalities) on other systems like windows. It can also drive simulated robots on VREP.


pip install -r requirements.txt

Warning : Djangoticia plugs its command on Pypot (a dependency of Roboticia-first). If you experiment difficulties to install Pypot(, the best choice is to take a scientific Python distribution with all onboard like : anaconda.


To start the web interface, simply run the script:

python runserver

It will start the test webserver on localhost and use the default port 8000. So, you can now connect to http://localhost:8000 and see this:

Homepage of the Web Interface

Warning : This will run the Django test server. To serve the pages in production mode, you have to use a web server in addition of Django. Apache and mod_wsgi is a possibility. Configuration of production mode really depends on your system and need some skills in webserver management. Here is the documentation. For all questions or requests for support, please use the poppy forum.

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