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#Introduction WheelMenu is a circular menu aimed at mobile that allows you to quickly select from a small set of options quickly and with your thumb.

You can see an example of the WheelMenu running in jsFiddle.

Right now the menu only works for 6 slices, but let me know if you need other number of slices.

Credits to the WheelMenu original design go to Tiago Simões and Daniel Nobre.

#Using the menu

If you're using the OutSystems Platform, get the WheelMenu component from the Community.

If not, keep reading:

Running the example

If you have npm and bower, just clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/RodrigoSC/WheelMenu.git

Install dependencies:

npm install
bower install

And run the server:


You can now access http://localhost:9000 and play with the WheelMenu. Edit the index.html file to see what's going on.

If you don't have npm and bower

To use the menu you must first get jQuery and d3.js.

Reference jQuery and D3 from the index.html and make the file available on your favorite web server. If you access the file directly, you'll see a bunch of squares instead of the proper icons.

Creating a new menu

To create a new instance of the menu, insert a div somewhere in your page with an id:

<div id='myMenu'></div>

You can style the div however you like, including setting the width. The WhellMenu will adapt accordingly.

Next, create an instance of the menu by doing:

menu = new wheelMenu('#myMenu', 1, 'Hello!', ['\uf001','\uf015','\uf0fa','\uf072','\uf07a','\uf0f5']);

Here's what this does:

  • #myMenu: This is the ID of the div where the menu will be drawn;
  • 1: This is the selected slice of the menu. The top most slice is 0 and it counts clockwise;
  • Hello! is the text that appears in the center of the menu;
  • ['\uf001', ... ,'\uf0f5'] are the characters to be displayed on the menu. By default the menu is using Font Awesome, and you can see here a cheat sheet of the icons.

Javascript API

Assuming you've created a menuvariable like explained in the previous section, here are some things you can do with it:


Whenever a user selects a slice, the onSelect event is triggered. You can trap it by doing something like:

menu.onSelect = function(slice) {
	console.log('Slice ' + slice + ' was selected!');


You can set the center text at any time by invoking setText.

menu.setText('Hello there!');

The WheelMenu will adapt the size of the text to fit the inner area.


You can do a "wheel of fortune" type of effect by invoking the spin function. It takes 2 arguments, the approximate number of selects and the resulting selection.

menu.spin(70, 3);

The wheel will spin a few times until slice 3 is selected. It will use quadratic ease out, just because it looks cool. :)

#Future work

Want to help with the WheelMenu? Here are some ideas:

  • Allow an arbitrary number of slices.
  • Make the center selection circle of the path, so that the selection can have a shadow or stroke.
  • Get rid of jQuery. D3 should be enough.