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Dynamic Trader

Dynamic data is a portable class library which brings the power of reactive (rx) to collections. It is open source and the code base lives here Dynamic Data on GitHub.

To help illustrate how powerful and easy Dynamic Data is, and to help you get up and running I have created this WPF demo app. I have made the code behind each screen as simple as possible so it is easy to follow.

Most of the example screens have been written about on the blog at

The demo illustrates how the following code:

var loader = tradeService.All
    .Connect(trade => trade.Status == TradeStatus.Live) //prefilter live trades only
    .Filter(_filter) // apply user filter
    .Transform(trade => new TradeProxy(trade),new ParallelisationOptions(ParallelType.Ordered,5))
    .Sort(SortExpressionComparer<TradeProxy>.Descending(t => t.Timestamp),SortOptimisations.ComparesImmutableValuesOnly)
    .Bind(_data)   // update observable collection bindings
    .DisposeMany() //since TradeProxy is disposable dispose when no longer required

produces this

Live Trades View

or how the following extract

var loader = tradeService.Live.Connect()
           .Group(trade => trade.CurrencyPair)
           .Transform(group => new CurrencyPairPosition(group))
           .Sort(SortExpressionComparer<CurrencyPairPosition>.Ascending(t => t.CurrencyPair))

   //when CurrencyPairPosition class does this
   		.QueryWhenChanged(query =>
   			var buy = query.Items.Where(trade => trade.BuyOrSell == BuyOrSell.Buy).Sum(trade=>trade.Amount);
   			var sell = query.Items.Where(trade => trade.BuyOrSell == BuyOrSell.Sell).Sum(trade => trade.Amount);
   			var count = query.Count;
   			return new TradesPosition(buy,sell,count);
   		.Subscribe(position => Position = position);

Produces this.

Aggregated Positions View

This is so easy, a few lines of code which after a short learning curve becomes very easy.

Plus many more dynamic data examples. Additionally there are some examples which show how to integrate with ReactiveUI.

The menu looks like this and as you can see there are links to the code behind which hopefully will get you up to speed in no time at all


The examples are being regularly maintained so download again to see more examples.

Run the demo

  • Build status
  • Press 'Download Zip', unpack and open Dynamic.Trader.sln
  • Ensure Nuget Restore is enabled
  • Set 'Trader.Client' as the startup project
  • Press F5


Please feel free to me a on any of the following channels

Also a big thanks to the guys behind Mahapps and Dragablz for their awesome oss projects. These have enabled me to easily make this demo look good.


WPF demo showing off dynamic data and reactive extensions






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