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OctoPrint plugin that integrates with 1 or 2 filament sensors hooked up to a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin and allows the filament spool to be changed during a print if the filament runs out or is jammed.

Initial work based on the Octoprint-Filament-Reloaded plugin by kontakt.

Required sensor

Using this plugin requires a filament sensor and/or a jam sensor. The code is set to use the Raspberry Pi's internal Pull-Up resistors, so the switch(es) should be between your detection pin and a ground pin.

This plugin can use the GPIO.BOARD or GPIO.BCM numbering scheme.


  • Configurable GPIO pins.
  • Debounce noisy sensors.
  • Support normally open and normally closed sensors.
  • Execution of custom GCODE when out of filament detected.
  • Optionally pause print when out of filament.

An API is available to check the filament sensors status via a GET method:

  • to /plugin/filamentrevolutions/filament for the filament sensor
  • to /plugin/filamentrevolutions/jammed for the jam sensor
  • {status: "-1"} if the sensor is not setup
  • {status: "0"} if the sensor is OFF (filament not present/filament not jammed)
  • {status: "1"} if the sensor is ON (filament present/filament jammed)



After installation, configure the plugin via OctoPrint Settings interface.

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