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The is a static site powered by jekyll. The source code can be found on github and site is hosted on netlify.


If jekyll is new to you, you may want to go through its docs first. CloudCannon has some excellent jekyll video tutorials as well.

You can also use to submit the changes without cloning the repo.


# Fork the repo

# Clone your forked repo
$ git clone<your_github_username>/
$ bundle install

# Create a new branch for you.
$ git pull orgin master # You should be in master branch
$ git checkout new-branch # Change or add post or do something there

# Make your changes.
$ bundle exec jekyll serve # Fires up local server at port 4000
# Preview the changes on localhost:4000

# Make sure linters are happy
$ npm install
$ npm run watch
$ bundle exec guard # to auto run tests and other linter checks (js, sass, html)
$ ./node_modules/.bin/eslint --config .eslintrc.json *.js js/**/*.js --fix
# Run below command to compile React files (if any changed) into `bundle/meetup.js` file.
$ ./node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js --mode production

# Commit the changes
$ git commit -m 'My awesome contribution'

# Push your changes and
$ git push

# Make a pull request of your newly changed branch against

# After you create a pull request, tests are run automatically on the newly created PR using Hound and TravisCI for style and lint checks.

# Deploy preview is auto created with web url via Netlify.

# When the PR is merged into master, the site is automatically deployed with the help of netlify continuous deployment.

You can also use jekyll-admin by visiting localhost:4000/admin to write blogs with WYSIWYG UI editor and make other changes.

When you open a pull request, we'd appreciate if you follow some basic guidelines:

Describe what you're changing, and more importantly why you're changing it

Keep the pull request focused on one thing - if you make two different, unrelated changes, please separate them into two pull requests




See/read The MIT License.

Logo licence

Jekyll and other projects' logos used in this project belong to their respective organisation. "RubyNepal" logo is Copyright by RubyNepal. All rights reserved.