Meta Programming and Your Terminator
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Episode 10 - Meta Terminator

Meta Programming in Ruby

#class GoodTerminator
#  likes_to_protect [:john_connor, :sarah_connor]
#  likes_to_destroy []
#class BadTerminator
#  likes_to_protect []
#  likes_to_destroy [:john_connor, :sarah_connor]

Panda Level

  1. Implement a method "protects?" where you can pass in the name of a person to check if he protects them
  2. Create a method in the Terminatorable module called "good?" that will tell if a Terminator is good or bad
  3. Create a spec that if the Terminator is trying to destroy someone, they are bad

Tiger Level

  1. Create the GoodTerminator and BadTerminator classes
  2. Update the specs to test the GoodTerminator and Bad Terminator

Eagle Level

  1. Split the methods into likes_to_protect and likes_to_destroy
  2. Alternatively, rename to configuration that accepts a hash of people to protect and people to destroy


Copyright: 2012 Jesse Wolgamott, MIT License (See LICENSE)