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Episode3: Watchman -- Datastores in YML and Postgres

Storing data in Postgres, with migrations, outside of Rails

Your Assignment

  1. Download and install PostgreSQL (see show notes)
  2. Clone, fork this repo and copy the config/database.yml.sample to config/database.yml, edit with values

Panda Level

  1. Add 2 more TV shows to the seeds file
  2. When I run ruby watchman.rb, Have it output all TV shows

Tiger Level

  1. Ask the user what day they want to watch shows?
  2. Output only the shows matching that day of the week

Eagle (Advanced) Level

  1. Create a table (using the migrations) which represents a hobby of yours: Fishing, Sports, Cooking, etc.
  2. When I run ruby watchman.rb
    • Fill the table with 5 records (Recipe.create)
    • Have it show me all the records, with a nicely implemented to_s method
  • Ask me (the user) what I want to show. Example, if you have Recipe with :name and :ingredients:
"Cornbread Muffins", [corn, butter, oil]
"Tacos", [tortilla, avacado, shrimp]

What would you like to learn more about?

#[editor: if I enter "Tacos" I'll see the Tacos recipe. If I enter nutella, I see "sorry Dave, I can't do that right now"]

Show Notes

Copyright: Jesse Wolgamott, MIT License (See LICENSE)