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  1. bionetgen bionetgen Public

    Rule-based modeling framework

    Perl 55 24

  2. nfsim nfsim Public

    Forked from msneddon/nfsim

    A general-purpose, stochastic, biochemical reaction simulator for large reaction networks

    C++ 14 10

  3. BNGTutorial BNGTutorial Public

    Models that demonstrate the syntax and functionality of BioNetGen language and simulation tools.

    14 2

  4. rulebender rulebender Public

    Rule-Based Modeling and Simulation Gui

    C 12 7

  5. ptempest ptempest Public

    PTempEst: Parallel Tempering for Estimation

    MATLAB 5 3

  6. PyBioNetGen PyBioNetGen Public

    A simple CLI for BioNetGen

    Python 5 4


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