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[.NET] Creating a New Project

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Creating a New Project

When creating a new project in Moxo QuickWeb Studio, you will be required to fill in some basic information. This information will affect the way that your application runs, as well as how your application is identified.

Open QuickWeb Studio

To get started, open Moxo QuickWeb Studio and create a new project targeting .NET. This should open a secondary window that will allow you to continue, by specifying required information.

Application Information

The first section; "Application Information" is populated by text fields that correspond to the metadata of your application. Below, you will find a legend that will describe each field.

Field Description Example value
Application Name The name of the application that you are creating. Moxo QuickWeb App
Application Version The version of the application that you are creating. 1.0
Developer The name of the person or organisation creating the application. Ryan Walpole Enterprises
Publisher The name of the person or organisation publishing the application. If the application is not being published, simply set this as the developer's name Ryan Walpole Enterprises

Web-App Customisation

Once you have completed the Application Information section, you can then customise your web-app. For more information on web-app customisation, click here to read the dedicated article

Moxo QuickWeb

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QuickWeb for .NET allows you to turn your existing web-app into a native .NET Windows app that can be further extended and edited using C#, .NET Framework and Visual Studio. Learn More

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