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Survive ARK Companion

Survive ARK Companion is the most feature-complete companion app available for ARK: Survival Evolved. It can be downloaded on both Android (Google Play) and iOS (AppStore). There have been numerous requests for a translation of the app, and this is where you can help! Translations will be carried out through the use of GitHub and later added to the app. If you would like to help out, make sure to read on!

How to contribute

There are translations files for each language that you can edit. You can find the appropriate language by looking at the country identifier at the end. So if you want to translate to German, you would look for the file translations_de.txt. In order to edit the file, either fork the repository and make the changes, or simply go to the file and click on the pencil icon to edit it directly (top right corner). Each file contains the original English text first, and beneath that you can enter your translation.

Make sure to add your translation between the two empty quotations marks. You can see an example of this by looking at the initial English translations.

When you're happy with your changes, open a pull request so they can be added. Please open pull requests often, so other people can see what has been done already! Don't forget to include your name / username that you want to have added to the file. The people in this file will be added to the list of contributors that will be available in the app!


Throughout the translations file, you will see some comments (preceded with //). These are there to give you an indication where the translation is used. That way, if you aren't sure about a translation, you can check if it would fit by going to the right part in the app. These comments should not be translated, as they are only used to give context to the rest of the words.


Sometimes you will run into constructs such as {0} or {1}. These are variables and should be included in your translation! Later on, the app will substitute these constructs by the appropriate words. An example would be this: Level required: {0} would become Level required: 40 in the app.

How to find untranslated text in a file

If you come across a file that is almost fully translated and you want to help out with the last couple of words / phrases, the easiest ways to find untranslated ones is by searching for "", (so 2 double quotes and a comma) in the file. This will hightlight the phrases that haven't got a translation yet, making it easier to see them throughout the file.

Additional info

Want to help without use of GitHub?

If you want to help translate the app to your language, but can't get it to work through GitHub or simply don't like using it: send me a mail and we can discuss an alternative way! :)

Unsure about translation?

If you are unsure about a translation, it is better to leave it blank and open an issue to discuss about it with other people. Just list the word(s) you are uncertain of (and in the require language) and other people might be able to help you out with it!

Missing your language?

If your language isn't added yet, open an issue and let me know about it. I'll make sure to set everything up for the new language as soon as possible and will update you about it.

Better translation for already translated part?

If you come across part of the app that you would translate different: you're free to edit existing translations. This also holds for the original English translations: if you believe you have a better way to word something, go ahead!

Untranslated text

In case you come across a part of the app that is not yet translated, please open an issue to let me know about it. That way I can add missing parts to the translations file and make sure it will be included in a future update of the app!

Current Languages

Code Language Status
da Danish 0%
de German 90%
el Greek 0%
en English 90%
es Spanish 90%
fr French 90%
it Italian 0%
ja Japanese 0%
nb Norwegian 20%
nl Dutch 0%
fa Persian (Finglish) 0%
pl Polish 5%
pt Portuguese 10%
ru Russian 90%
tr Turkish 0%
zh Chinese (Simplified) 0%


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