Icons.app – App for macOS which is designed to generate consistent sized icons of an existing application in various states, jiggling (shaking) etc.
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Icons.app is an application for macOS which enables you to create graphics files in PNG format, for use with management tools like Jamf Software's Jamf Pro or the open source Munki software installation tool.

These graphics files may be created from existing applications and will appear similar to the examples shown below.





  1. Download Icons.app.

  2. Copy Icons.app to to the Applications folder on your Mac.

Using Icons.app

  1. Open the Icons application.
  2. Drag the desired application into the first of the two panes.

  1. Set the desired graphics size in pixels.

  1. Once the desired graphics size has been set, click the Save button.

The Icons application will then ask where you want to save the new graphics files to, then create the graphics files.


This project is 'as-is' with no support, no changes being made. You are welcome to make changes to improve it but we are not available for questions or support of any kind.


Apache License 2.0