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This repository contains the static content for the SAVE/Point website. The webpage was designed by Stefano Meschiari.

Adding images to the kiosk slideshow

We are installing iPads to several floors in the department building (currently on 13th floor next to the elevator, more to follow). The iPads display a custom-designed dashboard to launch educational activities and games created and managed by our group (you can see the dashboard running in a web browser at

After a minute of inactivity, the iPads go into a "slideshow mode" -- a custom web app that displays a series of images with a caption and an attribution. The images are scrolled if they don't fit the iPad's aspect ratio. The slides are displayed in a random order. Tapping on the screen exits the slideshow and goes back into the dashboard.

Slides are pulled from:

  1. The HubbleSite and APOD RSS feed, through a custom parser;
  2. The kiosk_news.yaml file in this repository.

We encourage members of the UT department to add new images to the slideshow that showcase their latest research! You can add images to the slideshow either by sending us an email to, with the title of the image (no more than ~10 words), an attribution line (e.g. your name and that of coauthors; affiliations; etc.), and the image itself (should be larger than 1024x768).

Alternatively, you can add it yourself! Create a pull request for the kiosk_news.yaml file, and add a new entry at the top by following the existing structure of the file. The file is in the YAML format, and each slide is specified as follows:

- title: The title of the slide
  attrib: Attribution line

(Note (1) the indentation on the lines; (2) images are only downloaded once, so it will not be pulling down the image from the server at every request.)

To see a scrollable list of images currently loaded in the screensaver app, go to; to run the screensaver inside your browser as it would appear on the iPad, go to