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GrillCon at dbwebb (website)

Join the chat at

Website for the annual event for students and alumni, mainly at the education program Web programming at BTH. Together with some software engineers.

For developers and maintainers

This is the easiest way to get going.

Run in Docker

Load PHP packages through composer and start up the website with docker-compose.

composer install
docker-compose up

The webserver starts at the port defined in the file docker-compose.yml, for example port 18081.

Open a web browser to localhost:18081.

Clear the cache on update

When you update a web page in the content/ directory, you also need to clear the Anax cache.

make clean-cache-anax

Now you can update a page content and reload it in the web browser.

For developers and maintainers (OLDER)

This is older information related to how the website runs on a production server.

This is how I do it on Debian/Linux.

Inspect the Makefile to find out whats actually happens.


  • Apache2 and PHP5 (with pecl and GD)
$ sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-dev php-pear php5-gd

Fresh install

Start by preparing your local development environment.

$ git clone <the original or your forked repo>
$ cd <the original or your forked repo>
$ make etc-hosts
$ make virtual-host
$ make update

Now open your browser at and browse the website.

If you need to upgrade your existing installation you can just redo it all.

$ make etc-hosts virtual-host update

Keep updated

Update the code base, the external packages and publish locally.

$ make update

Develop and test locally

Make changes in your repo, publish using make local-publish and reload your browser.

# Do changes and then publish them locally.
$ make local-publish

# Clear the cache when publishing
$ make local-publish-clear

Install all submodules

Some content is available in external submodules. To install them, where you have the properties to do so, do like this.

$ make submodule-init local-publish

To keep updated, including all submodules.

$ make update-all

Help me

Setup the production environment

This is a sample production environment.

# Get the source to git/
git clone
composer install

# Setup the mirror at htdoc/
make site-build
make local-publish

# Create the virtual host for http
make virtual-host

# Create the certs
make ssl-cert-create

# Create the virtual host for https
make virtual-host-https
..:  Copyright (c) 2016-2021 Mikael Roos,