Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform™
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Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform™

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The SEED Platform is a web-based application that helps organizations easily manage data on the energy performance of large groups of buildings. Users can combine data from multiple sources, clean and validate it, and share the information with others. The software application provides an easy, flexible, and cost-effective method to improve the quality and availability of data to help demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, to implement programs, and to target investment activity.

The SEED application is written in Python/Django, with AngularJS, Bootstrap, and other javascript libraries used for the front-end. The back-end database is required to be PostgreSQL.

The SEED web application provides both a browser-based interface for users to upload and manage their building data, as well as a full set of APIs that app developers can use to access these same data management functions. From a running server, the Swagger API documentation can be found at /api/swagger or from the front end by clicking the API documentation link in the sidebar.


Starting SEED Platform

In production the following two commands will run the web server (uWSGI) and the background task manager (Celery) with:


In development mode, you can start the web server (uWSGI) and the background task manager (Celery) with:

./ runserver
celery -A seed worker -l info -c 4 --maxtasksperchild 1000 --events

Developer Resources



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