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TempelPlus - digital stamping software

The TempelPlus software is designed for signing of large quantities of files (mass signing) with the institution’s digital stamp, for instance: invoices, payment orders, certificates, etc.

The TempelPlus software is a useful assistant when there are many files to be signed and a separate signed container (.bdoc) must be created for each signed file.

More info about digital stamps and possibilities for purchasing is available at Sertifitseerimsikeskus website:

Usage instructions can be found from TempelPlus User Manual:

Instructions for using the automated tests are provided in (in Estonian). Data for testing is linked as a submodule (see

NB! TempelPlus software is not officially supported anymore. Source code is provided on "as is" terms with no warranty, you are welcome to redistribute and reuse the software (see LICENSE for more information).

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