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@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@ based on (robust) maximum likelihood estimation.
- R package [ReGenesees]( (only availableon joinup) has a similar interface as the R package survey and many different estimators with sampling errors are implemented.
- R package [vardpoor]( Linearization of non-linear statistics and variance estimation.
- R package [convey]( Variance estimation on indicators of income concentration and poverty using complex sample survey designs. Wrapper around the survey package.
- R package [icarus]( Provides detailed tools for performing calibration and several of its varitations, in a familiar setting for Calmar users in SAS.
- R package [gustave]( Provides a toolkit for analytical variance estimation in survey sampling.
#### Time series and seasonal adjustment ([GSBPM]( 5.6 | 5.7)
@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@
"estimation and weighting","5.6 | 5.7","ReGenesees","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"estimation and weighting","5.6 | 5.7","vardpoor","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"estimation and weighting","5.6 | 5.7","convey","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"estimation and weighting","5.6 | 5.7","icarus","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"estimation and weighting","5.6 | 5.7","gustave","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","X-13ARIMA-SEATS","","X-13ARIMA-SEATS",TRUE,FALSE,FALSE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","seasonal","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE
"time series and seasonal adjustment","5.6 | 5.7","x12","","R",TRUE,TRUE,TRUE

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