A .NET program that watches over close requests in SOCVR.
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GraveRobber is a small project which aims to help the SOCVR in monitoring questions that, via a [cv-pls] request, have been closed or are still pending closure. The bot will post a message in the chatroom once a question has been edited above a specified "change %", that is, if a question is x% different to when it was closed, it will be reported.

Example report:

[ GraveRobber ] 45% changed (by OP), 84% code: question (-4/+1) - requested by @​Username

What do the numbers mean?

GraveRobber compares the latest state (revision) of the question to when the revision at the time of when the [cv-pls] request was issued for it. The numbers indicate various aspects of the changes made between those revisions.

Using the above example report:

  • 45% changed: This is the overall change metric, how much rendered text has been modified.
  • 1 Adjusted: 42%: Same as above, but returns a lower score for smaller posts below a set threshold. This number is used to determine whether a report should be posted.
  • 1 Distance: 345: This is the raw edit distance returned from the Damerau-Levenshtein Distance function.
  • 84% code: This measures how much of the edit affects code. In this case, 84% of the total characters changed by this edit were code characters.
  • (-4/+1): Is simply a break-down of the question's up- and down-votes.

1 Can only be seen by hovering over the "45%" link in the report.