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Welcome to the public documentation of PegelAlarm REST services!

The PegelAlarm REST API provides programmatic access to read, write, ... PegelAlarm data. For questions or a free test-account contact us at

First steps - Needed!

  1. Authentication

Often used

  1. Download water data
  1. Register for flood warning text messages (SMS, Email,..) for a specific region

Provide your data to PegelAlarm

  1. Use our REST-API to push data directly to our backend servers

Embed PegelAlarm widgets into your website

  1. Lists, charts and images


Data retrieval is free for the time of software development and integration work. After that, our prices depend on

  • your pricing strategy and
  • the number of users you provide PegelAlarm data to and
  • the data request frequency.
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