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Custom implementation of the ArmA script language SQF
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SQF-VM is a fully working and open-source Virtual Machine for the scripting language of the ArmA Games.

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When cloning this repository you have to issue git submodule init followed by git submodule update in order to get all dependencies cloned as well.


How to use this thing?

To start using the SQF-VM, you just have to double click the executable.

What can it be used for (examples)?

Most obvious example is: you are using a laptop while traveling and wanna test some SQF code. More advanced users might even use this for unit-testing their code.

Are there command line parameters available to eg. use this for unit-testing?

Yes, there are. To get all, start the tool via command line and the parameter -?

How to use the debug interface?

There is documentation available on the github page inside of Documentation/Debugger.

What is supported?

To check what currently is supported and what is not, you can use the help__ "name" command. If it outputs proper descriptions, the command is fully supported. If it does not, then the command is not yet implemented sadly.

I found a bug, what shall i do now?

Try to narrow down the problem as much as you can and then head over to the github issues section to report the bug.

I got a question that is not answered in here, what to do?

Ask your question in this thread or in the discord channel and i might add it to this list :)


Website (Download) Discord Invite

Issue / Pull Request Template

A template on how to make Pull Requests can be found here

For Issues please use this template.

Wiki / Documentation

WIP, for now please refer to the Discord.

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