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graemerocher commented Oct 2, 2019

Currently register looks like:

   private static <T> void register(Map<T, T> substitutions, T annotated, T original, T target) {
        if (annotated != null) {
            guarantee(!substitutions.containsKey(annotated) || substitutions.get(annotated) == original || substitutions.get(annotated) == target, "Already registered: %s", annotated);
NWU-NISL commented Oct 8, 2020

When I passed NaN and an object with the "valueOf" attribute value as a callable function to the first and second parameters of Math.max, chakra did not execute this function. According to the ES10 standard, the ToNumber operation is performed on each parameter of Math.max, and the "valueOf" attribute value function of the second parameter will be executed.




stealthybox commented Sep 6, 2019

Using the following YAML should output warnings per offending spec instead of ignoring them silently.

footloose create
WARN[0000] Options under "spec.ignite" for "manager-%d" are ignored when using the "docker" backend
WARN[0000] Options under "spec.ignite" for "worker-%d" are ignored when using the "docker" backend
INFO[0000] Docker Image: prese
brlodi commented Sep 18, 2019

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Run make all as described in and follow install process.
  2. After install, macOS-VM.efi.vdi and macOS-VM.vdi are located directly in ~/VirtualBox VMs instead of ~/VirtualBox VMs/macOS-VM as is typical for VirtualBox VMs.

Expected behavior
After install, macOS-VM.efi.vdi and macOS-VM.vdi should be located in `~/


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