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Coherent Line Drawing

C/C++ CI Build Status codecov License: MIT

This project implemented a non-photorealistic rendering technique presented by Kang et al, that can automatically generates a line drawing from a photograph. This project provide an easy-to-use, real-time interactive graphic user interface system.


Workflow (Youtube)

Coherent Line Drawing



  • C++ 17
  • CMake
  • OpenCV 3
  • WxWidget 3 (not required for cmd application)
  • Boost (not required for gui application)

If you prefer C++ 11 version, there is a branch called cpp11, the function is equivalent.

It should work fine in Windows/Linux/MacOS.
I provided some scripts that can use in Linux:

# Usage: [options]
# Options:
#   -c, --clean       Clean build
#   -d, --debug       Build with debug mode
#   -j, --jobs        Use N cores to build
$ ./

# Usage: [options]
# Check code style
# Options:
#   -i                In-place format
$ ./

Command Line Version

I provide another command line application that can directly use without graphic interface, the entry point is src/cmd.cpp. The options is list as following, also you can refer to ./ to see how to use:

# Coherent-Line-Drawing Options:
#   -h [ --help ]            Help message
#   -s [ --src ] arg         Source image path
#   -o [ --output ] arg      Output image path
#   --ETF_kernel arg (=5)    ETF kernel size
#   --ETF_iter arg (=1)      Refining n times ETF
#   --CLD_iter arg (=1)      Iterate n times FDoG
#   --sigma_c arg (=1)       Line width
#   --sigma_m arg (=3)       Degree of coherence
#   --rho arg (=0.997)       Noise
#   --tau arg (=0.8)         Thresholding

Pre-Build GUI Version

You can download pre-build version at here.
Including Windows and macOS versions.


demo demo demo