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CAMP — Amplify your Configuration Tests

CAMP (Configuration AMPlification) takes as input a sample testing configuration and generates automatically a number of diverse configurations. The generation is guided by predefined features and constraints, and utilizes a set of reusable pieces. The current version of CAMP is focused on the Docker environment, and the input and output configurations are specified as Dockerfiles or docker-compose files.

If you try CAMP, feel free to:


Running CAMP on your project

To set CAMP on your project. There are two prerequisites:

  • Your project should be dockerised.

  • New configuration of the project can be achieved by:

    • By substituting the FROM statement of a Dockerimage file
    • By substituting an image of a docker-compose file
    • Or by doing substitution in any file you ADD in your Dockerfile

Further, we need to identify variation points of your configuration, e.g., java versions. We fill out feature.yml with this information. We also need to define building rules which are used to build new docker files. This information is filled in images.yml file. This allows generating various docker files which are various possible configuration of your application. If we need to generate various docker-compose file, we need to fill in compose.yml. However, this is optional.